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steel bite pro

Oral health effects one in three adults in the world, and is one of the leading medical struggles we all face in the modern era. With the rise of sugary drinks and foods populating our daily lives, it’s no surprise we are suffering a quiet epidemic of oral health concerns in every part of the world.

Are you feeling embarrassed about your oral health? Perhaps you’ve been ignoring small pains in your mouth for some time, hoping they will go away on their own. The cost of dental reconstruction is steep, and for many of us, it’s simply not an option.

It’s this struggle that led the supplement industry to begin searching for solutions to this issue. One such supplement has been turning heads, and gaining a reputation for itself for its lasting benefits and proven results when it comes to improving oral health in its users.

Steel Bite Pro is an all-natural supplement developed to help you improve your oral health. Whilst fighting your oral health isn’t easy, it doesn’t have to be impossible. The team behind Steel Bite Pro have developed a formula that works to bring back your oral health from disarray. Whilst also avoiding the need for costly dental work in the process.

We decided to pick up Steel Bite Pro and try it for yourselves. We wanted to learn what was inside it, what the key benefits are, and how the supplement can help to improve our oral health in the process.

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Steel Bite Pro – An Overview

steel bite pro bottleSteel Bite Pro was created and developed by Thomas Spear, a long time researcher into oral health in the dentistry medical field. It is made up of all-natural, refinement-free ingredients that have a proven beneficial effect on our oral health.

Each of the 29 active ingredients inside Steel Bite Pro is proven to help with our gum, and tooth health. With over 55,000 users of the supplement already, it is quickly growing a name for itself. Changing the way dentists think about oral health.

It is available in the form of pills, and works by having your body absorb the beneficial ingredients into your blood stream. Providing the building blocks to get your oral health back on track.

The Core Benefits of Steel Bite Pro

The key core benefits of Steel Bite Pro are:

  • Convenient to Use
  • Uses All-natural ingredients
  • Affordable solution to your oral health
  • No ill-effects from using the supplement
  • No additional medications are required
  • Works to provide relief from pain caused by poor gum and tooth health
  • Comes with a money back guarantee

steel bite pro review

Ingredients of Steel Bite Pro

It’s vital we take a moment to break down the ingredients of Steel Bite Pro, so that we can get a better idea of how the supplement aims to provide the benefits it boasts. Whilst the supplement is made up of over 29 ingredients, we’ve pulled up the most important active ingredients.

These Include:


This herb extract has long standing proven benefits to the health of your teeth. The herb is a powerful antimicrobial, and works to remove plague effectively from your teeth, and eliminate harmful bacteria in your mouth that cause the breakdown of your enamel.

On top of this, turmeric also has anti-inflammatory properties. Providing relief for people who are suffering from gum disease. The inflammation of your gums is often the cause of much of the pain you suffer in your mouth, so as a result, you’ll feel a lot of relief when these anti-inflammatory properties kick in.


Berberine is also a powerful anti-inflammatory, providing you with relief for much of the pain we suffer in our mouth. Furthermore, the herb is known for its antioxidant properties, working to remove microorganisms that attack your teeth inside your mouth.


Yarrow has a long history in the medical field. It is known as a “healing herb” due to its ability to stimulate cell growth in the body. Most importantly, in the context of Steel Bite Pro, it works to repair the gums and bring them back to a health state.

By improving your gum health, you’ll be less likely to suffer from gum disease. You’ll be less susceptible to infection, oral pain, and inflammation as well.

Milk Thistle

Interestingly, milk thistle is not aimed at helping your teeth directly. Instead, it focused on detoxifying your liver. Studies have shown that your liver plays a key role in your oral health, and regulation of your saliva. By helping to improve the health of your liver, you will be improving your oral health in the process.


Alfalfa is a powerful herb extract that destroys harmful bacteria in the mouth. This bacteria is the leading cause of our oral problems, as it works to break down our teeth and begin infecting the nerve endings. Alfalfa works as a powerful all-natural mouth wash, in a sense, to remove the bacteria all together.

It remains in your salvia as well, continuing to stop the growth of new bacteria in the future. Safe guarding your teeth from further attack.


Ginger may seem like an odd one on this list, but it is actually one of the most medically researched ingredients here. Ginger has been shown to have powerful effects on the health of our gut microbes, and our salvia, which both work to remove bacteria from our mouth.

This will lower the PH level in your mouth, and make your salvia more effective at washing away the harmful bacteria breaking down your teeth.


Zinc is inside almost every toothpaste on the planet. The reason for this is simple: Zinc helps to reinforce and repair teeth, and it a vital building block the body uses to boost its immune system against the harmful bacteria in your mouth.

Zinc also works to rebuild enamel in the mouth, which is the body’s natural protective layer it places around our teeth. By rebuilding your enamel, and strengthening your immune system, your oral health will be more robust and less likely to suffer from a range of infections and diseases that develop due to poor oral hygiene.

Jujube Seeds

Jujube seeds are well known for their ability to boost our immune system. Much like many of the other immune boosting ingredients, this helps the body fight off harmful bacteria in the mouth, and lowers the PH level of our salvia.

The seeds are also rich in vitamin C, which is a key building block for rebuilding your enamel, and teeth directly.

How Does Steel Bite Pro Work?

Whilst we did not cover all 29 ingredients inside Steel Bite Pro, let’s look more closely at the effects the supplement has on our oral health. As this is a dietary supplement, the key to its success is through the absorption of the helpful vitamins and minerals inside.

Your body will begin by breaking down the supplement and supplying itself with the formulas range of ingredients. This won’t immediately improve your oral health, it’s not a magic pill, but it will lay the foundation for what is to come.

As your body continues to absorb these ingredients, it will begin to have the ammunition to begin fighting back against your oral health. The PH level of your salvia will drop, and it will begin by attacking the bacteria inside your mouth.

From there, many of the anti-inflammatory properties will kick in. Providing a wave of relief, and giving your mouth time to repair itself. This will start with the gums, and eventually work to repair your enamel as well.

Eventually your body will be saturated with a range of helpful vitamins, minerals, and herbs, that all play a role in significantly improving your oral health. From here, the body does the rest, working to fix the latent issues inside your mouth, and providing you with lasting relief.

steel bite pro label

Is Steel Bite Pro Safe to Use?

Absolutely. Steel Bite Pro is made up of all-natural ingredients, and for this reason, there are no known side-effects from the supplement. Out of 55,000 users worldwide, there have been no side-effects reported whatsoever.

Steel Bite Pro – Dosage

To use Steel Bite Pro, simply take two capsules per day with water. You can take these together, or stretch them out throughout the day. Some people may prefer to take the supplement with a meal, but they are prone to an upset stomach, but it is not required.

Our Final Verdict

Steel Bite Pro is a powerful, effective all-natural solution to your oral health. Providing lasting relief for its users. We’ve been impressed with the quality and care that has gone into the Steel Bite Pro formula, and it’s heart-warming to see such a powerful solution for oral health on the market.

If you’d like to try Steel Bite Pro, you can find it on their website. All purchases some with a 60 day money back guarantee, meaning you’re free to give the supplement a try and see for yourself if the supplement is right for you. What’s not to love about that?

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