Hourglass Fit Review – The All-Natural Female Fat Burner

hourglass fit review

Have you been switching back and forth between diets, trying to get that excess weight off? For many women, this is a struggle at the core of our lives. It’s no surprise either, as for many women, as we age, it becomes harder to lose that stubborn fat.

It is a sad genetic truth that women are programmed to hold on to more fat than men. Research shows that women hold onto 6 to 11% more fat reserves than our male counterparts, primarily linked to estrogen levels. As our estrogen levels drop, so does our ability to burn fat.

This is likely one of the key reasons many women struggle with stubborn fat as we age. Yet for many of us, when we turn to the market for solutions, many of the options available to us come with a nasty list of side effects.

It’s this fact that brought Hourglass fit to our attention. This supplement has been turning heads in the fat turning market lately, with an intuitive all-natural approach to helping women burn fat. Instead of providing a temporary fix, the supplement promises to tackle many of the underlying factors causing this stubborn fat to stick with us, and give women lasting results in the process.

We decided to sit down and take a look at Hourglass fit, try it for ourselves, explore who makes it, if there are any known side effects, and what makes up this all-natural formula they seem so confident about.

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Hourglass Fit – An Overview

Hourglass Fit is a supplement developed by Roar Ambition, a gold standard in the supplement industry. The product is aimed directly at helping women lose weight, and is open about their intuitive approach to helping women tackle the root problem of their weight gain.

Marketed as a 2-in-1 formula, the supplement combines real weight loss results with many core benefits that make keeping that weight off easier. This supplement is manufactured in FDA and cGMP approved facilities, which means you can count on its quality and safety.

For Hourglass Fit, the goal isn’t about achieving a perfect body. Instead, it’s about losing weight in a healthy and sustainable way. There are many products on the market that promise to provide unnatural results for their users, and they often employ extreme medical methods that leave the user more out of shape at the end of the process, than when they started.

So it’s refreshing to see the makers over at Roar Ambition created Hourglass Fit with a more moderate approach, and don’t stand on top of unobtainable standards that we’ve come to grow skeptical of in the industry.

Hourglass benefits

How Does Hourglass Fit Work?

Hourglass Fit is designed to provide you with a 24×7 metabolic state, helping you to burn fat even when you sleep. It does this through promoting hormonal levels to rise back to optimal levels, and dealing with insulin resistance. This resistance is often at the root of a run-away appetite, and a sluggish feeling that comes after eating.

On top of tackling insulin resistance, the supplement is also high in many key fiber sources. This helps to suppress your appetite, helping to support you as you embark on your weight loss journey.

With less food intake, and with your hormonal levels returning to normal, you’ll notice that your body begins to reconstruct itself to meet the demands of this change in your hormonal state. This is what provides you with the lasting benefits, and gradual results.

It can be easy to read hormonal and think that this process may affect your mood, however this is not the case. Raising your estrogen levels, and ridding you of insulin resistance, will only have positive effects on your emotional state.

Hourglass Fit Ingredients


With this wide range of benefits claimed by Hourglass Fit, its best we take a closer look at the ingredients that make up this formula. Many of the core active ingredients of Hourglass fit are focused around providing hormonal benefits, appetite improvements, and are all natural and source from refinement-free sources.


Bioperine is the Bio extracted from Piperine, which is also an extract from black pepper. It has a long history of medical uses, but in this context, we are focused on its primary weight loss benefits.

Bioperine provides an enhanced thermogenic effect on the metabolic rate of our bodies. Simply put, it directly increases your internal metabolic rate, leading to more calories being processed every day, and more efficiently.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea has a long list for benefits, and all of them play into the effects of Hourglass fit. The extract is high in antioxidants, it improves your immunity, it also helps to regulate blood flow around the body, and a substantial energy boost.

On top of this, the extract is also known to help to relieve stress and fatigue in the body. All of these benefits together help to act as a foundation to the Hourglass Fit formula.


Capsimax contains high levels of capsaicins, which have a strong effect on the body’s metabolic rate. When taking Hourglass Fit you will feel a warmth come over you, which is a direct result of the ingestion of these capsaicins.

This increases metabolic rate within the body, much like Bioperine, will help to shed weight and make better use of the calories you are ingesting.


This ingredient is an interesting one, and we’ll need to provide some context. As women age, their hormonal levels slowly begin to lack balance. This results in more weight gain, and an ever increasing appetite.

Glucomannan is incredibly fiber dense, and has a direct effect on the appetite of people who ingest it. By including this in the Hourglass Fit formula, you will experience a much less active appetite as a result. Leading into less calories ingested, without the pain of hunger.


Guarana is quite a famous extract these days, finding itself inside most commercial energy drinks. The reason for this is due to its incredible energy boosting properties, and its effect on your insulin levels.

Guarana will help you to stay energetic, and make better use of the food you eat, as you slip into a calorie deficit state as a result of Glucomannan. On top of this, it will also raise your heart rate, meaning you’ll be burning more fat throughout the day.


Chromium is an ingredient directly aimed at your insulin resistance. When you experience insulin resistance, this hormonal block prevents your body from making the best use of the calories you ingest. This forces you to eat more to get the same benefits as before.

However, those extra calories don’t just disappear. Instead they are sent into fat reserves. Chromium works to break down your insulin resistance, and forces your body to make full use of the food you are ingesting. Leading to less calories needed to get your daily energy required to sustain yourself.

Vitamin Mix

As an added bonus, Hourglass Fit comes with a range of vitamins to help your body fight off deficiencies. These include: D3, B12, and B6. All of these vitamins have an effect on bone density, skin health, hair texture, weight loss, and appetite suppression.

Known Side-Effects of Using Hourglass Fit?

When it comes to any fat burner designed for women, especially those that aim to provide hormonal changes within the body, there is an expectation that side-effects will come along with it.

However due to the all-natural approach to Hourglass Fit, there are no reported side-effects from using the supplement. Although it’s important to point out this comes with a few exceptions.

It is not recommended to use Hourglass Fit if you are pregnant, under the age of 18, or are currently suffering from a serious medical condition. If this concerns you, you should seek out the opinion of your doctor before taking the supplement.

On top of this, because all of the ingredients are natural, there is a very low chance you may suffer an allergic reaction to using the supplement. Whilst this is very unlikely, if you are prone to allergies, you should consult your doctor before using Hourglass Fit.

Hourglass Fit – Dosage

It is recommended to take the supplement three times per day, separated evenly through your day. It is also recommended to take it with a meal, and because it this, it makes sense to take the supplement along with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Our Final Thoughts

There are many fat burning supplements on the market that promise the moon, and we’re happy to see the Hourglass fit keeps its promises to a more realistic realm of possibility. From the endless testimonials on their website, to the clear intelligent approach to the supplement’s design, we think Hourglass is a fantastic supplement to help you tackle that stubborn fat.

If you’re looking to try Hourglass Fit, you can find it on their website. You can pick up a month’s supply for a decent price, and remember that all purchases come with free shipping and a 60-day money back guarantee. What’s not to love about that?