PhenGold Review – The New Star in Fat Burning


Have you been struggling to shed off that stubborn fat? Perhaps you’ve tried everything, from extreme diets, to relentless exercise, and still no progress? Then it may be time to employ a fat burner, and start getting the best results for your body.

The world of fat burning supplements is vast, and full of many products that don’t offer any results at all. On top of this, many of these products employ harsh chemical compounds to offer you a temporary result, at the cost of your health.

Yet one product, new on the scene, has been turning heads lately. PhenGold, an all-natural fat burning supplement. This supplement is quickly gaining a name for itself in the market, and it seems for good reason.

We decided to sit down with the product and try it for ourselves. We wanted to explore what benefits PhenGold can offer, if it really works, if it’s safe to use, and what exactly is inside this supplement everyone is talking about.

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PhenGold – An Overview

phengold bottlePhenGold is an all-natural fat burning supplement that aims to attack the root of the problem of our fat gain as we age, and provide you with real results that compound over time.

The supplement was developed by Swiss Research Labs Limited, a well-known team of experts who have been providing premium supplement products for decades.

With their extensive knowledge, they have taken an all-natural approach to developing an effective fat burner. Doing away with those nasty chemicals, and compounds, and instead using ingredients that have proven positive effects on fat burning.

Let’s take a closer look at exactly what PhenGold promises to offer.

The Core Benefits of PhenGold

The core benefits of PhenGold aim to support your fat burning efforts. The team behind the supplement do not pretend that this supplement alone can burn your fat, you will have to put in effort alongside it.

However, using the supplement you won’t have to break your back trying to shed a little weight. This means you won’t have to stick to a super strict diet, or painful workout regimen.

The core benefits of using PhenGold are:

  • Strong appetite suppression, helping to curb snacking and cravings.
  • Raises your metabolic rate to a much higher level, meaning you’ll also burn fat whilst you sleep.
  • A range of 100% natural ingredients, meaning the supplement is completely safe to use.
  • Low-calorie content, helping you keep that weight off.
  • Enhances insulin response in the body, allowing you to burn more stubborn fat.
  • Provides you with a boost to your cognitive ability, and focus.
  • Helps you to sleep easier, and feel more rested after sleep.
  • Helps to regulate your hormonal levels, leading to weight loss and other health benefits.
  • Has a wide range of vitamins that help you to stay fit and healthy.


PhenGold – The Ingredients

When it comes to any supplement, it’s important we take a moment to step back and look closer at what makes up this formula. PhenGold is made up of some interesting, and often hard to find, natural ingredients.

So let’s take a closer look at the core active ingredients inside the supplement:

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 is an extremely useful, and well researched vitamin, when it comes to naturally boosting the body’s metabolic rate. It does this by raising insulin levels in the body, which regulate how calories are processed after you eat.

If you suffer from a B3 deficiency, then you may be suffering from insulin resistance. When this occurs, the body will push more calories into fat reserves than it needs to. By increasing your insulin levels, and by extension your metabolic rate, you will notice your body makes much better use of the calories you ingest.

Furthermore, B3 also has a range of anti-inflammatory properties.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 helps to regulate sex hormones in the body. For men, it will help to produce more testosterone, and for women it will balance estrogen production. This has almost the same effect on both genders, as when your sex hormone is out of balance, you will put on more fat as a result.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is an interesting one. Studies have shown that higher levels of B12 in the body push your cells to release stored proteins and convert them into energy. Not only is this good for dealing with fat reserves, but it also provides you with more energy throughout the day.

This can be helpful if you suffer from chronic fatigue, or simply feel you need to eat more throughout the day to keep your energy levels high. When you have more B12 in the body, you’ll notice your appetite begins to subside, and you will have a more consistent and reliable energy levels as well.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea is commonly found in fat burning supplements for good reason. Green tea is a powerful antioxidant, and helps the body to burn calories at a higher rate. By raising your metabolic rate gradually, you can expect to burn calories even when you are asleep.

On top of this, the detoxifying properties of green tea are helpful to regulate a healthy liver, and assist your body in pushing many of the toxins released from fat burning out of the body.


This compound, despite its tongue twister of a name, is actually a natural compound found in a variety of fruits. L-Tyrosine helps with stress related weight gain, improves your cognitive function, your focus, and your ability to concentrate for long periods of time.

If you suffer from high stress levels, you’ll notice a profound effect on your body just from this ingredient alone.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine anhydrous is an extremely powerful form of dehydrated caffeine. Just one table spoon of the powder is equal to 28 cups of coffee. Thankfully, it’s only in small amounts in the supplement, which is all you need. Providing you with an incredibly powerful energy boost.


Despite the long and confusing name, this compound’s effect on the body is quite simple. It helps to send signals to the fat cells, pushing them to release those cells from the reserves. When this happens, your body will react in one of two ways. Either it will convert the released fat cells into energy, or it will push them into waste. Meaning that, regardless of what your body decides, it’s a net benefit to you.

On top of this, it increases focus, concentration, and cognitive function as well.

Green Coffee Bean

This particular coffee bean is not a high caffeine ingredient, as green coffee beans are processed in a much different fashion. Instead it’s a powerful amino acid, helping the body to boost your metabolic rate, and control blood glucose levels.

Bioperine Black Pepper

It is fitting that we find bioperine black pepper near the bottom of this list, as this ingredient works as a foundation to make sure you get the most out of the rest of the PhenGold formula.

Bioperine black pepper boosts nutrient absorption in the body, and raises the level of nutrients you can absorb at one time. With so much ingredients in the PhenGold formula needing high levels of absorption, this ingredient will help get you there.

PhenGold – Dosage

PhenGold comes with a pretty straight forward regiment for the best results. Simply take 3 capsules each day with a meal. It’s wise to spread these capsules out evenly throughout the day, so it makes sense to couple them with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

You will start to feel many of the effects from day 1 with PhenGold, from the stress relief and energy boosts. However, the more profound effects will take between 2 to 4 weeks before they fully take effect.

This is due to the all-natural ingredients of PhenGold needing to be properly absorbed in the body first.

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PhenGold – The Price

PhenGold can be bought from their website, and it’s recommended you only buy it directly from the source. The creators of PhenGold cannot guarantee the quality of all online retailers.

The supplement comes with a few packages, offering you a discount the more in-bulk you buy. Those packages are:

  • One month supply for $64.95
  • Two month’s supply for $129.90
  • Three month’s supply for $184.85

On top of this, all purchases from the PhenGold website come with free shipping, and a 100-day money back guarantee. Meaning you’re free to give the PhenGold formula and try and see if you get the results you’re looking for.

What’s not to love about that?

Our Final Thoughts

In the world of fat burning supplements, PhenGold is a new kid on the block. But don’t let that fool you, as their premium formula, and proven results, are quickly making a name for the budding new fat buster.

We think it’s heartwarming to see such a powerful, and proven supplement on the market today. If you’re looking to take a more proactive step towards your fat burning efforts, then we couldn’t recommended PhenGold enough.

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