TestRX Review – The All-Natural Testosterone Booster Powerhouse


For men all over the world, young and old, we often find ourselves trying to get more out of the gym, and our time invested into exercise. For those that are beginning to get older, we also know too well the feeling of our bodies beginning to lose that edge.

Both of these struggles can be linked to testosterone levels, the primary sex hormone for men. The higher your testosterone (TestRX), the more you’ll get out of your weight lifting and cardio activities. Furthermore, as our testosterone begins to drop after forty, we often feel more sluggish, put on more weight, and feel our libido drop.

Testosterone boosting is nothing new. It’s an age-old method of getting into shape, and returning an aging male body to a more vital state. Yet many traditional methods of boosting testosterone levels come with some serious drawbacks.

With the majority of traditional medical solutions for testosterone boosting, and especially the more illegal options, both sharing side-effects that could leave anyone questioning using them, it’s no wonder a desire for a more quality testosterone boosting option is common.

One solution for this struggle that has been rising in popularity as of late is TestRX, an all-natural dietary supplement designed to increase your testosterone levels, and avoid any of those nasty side effects.

We wanted to get a closer look at TestRX, and get to the bottom of its rising popularity. We want to learn what it is, what’s inside it, and how it provides it benefits.

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What is TestRX?

testrx boxTestRX is an all-natural testosterone booster, comprised of ingredients that have been proven to gradually increase your testosterone levels. The creators of the supplement have combined years of pharmaceutical knowledge to create one of the most popular testosterone boosters on the market.

The supplement itself is manufactured in the US, and is FDA and GMP approved. Meaning that every capsule of TestRX is manufactured to the highest standard of quality.

How Does TestRX Work?

TestRX is not designed to prevent, nor reverse, the natural decline in testosterone that comes with age. Instead, it’s designed to directly boost your testosterone by fixing many underlying reasons that your sex hormone begins to drop in the first place.

The supplement is especially recommended for those that spend hours at the gym, or are over the age of forty. As these two groups of people will be suffering from many of these shared underlying reasons for low testosterone.

The ingredients of TestRX (Which we will explore deeper down below) each provide a boost to testosterone, and your general health. Meaning you will feel more energized, young, and vital. As well as having a far quicker muscle recovery time, and larger muscle mass gains as well.

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TestRX – The Pros & Cons

Let’s take a moment to weight up the pros and cons of the TestRX supplement:

Pros :

The supplement helps to boost your testosterone production, and fix underlying issues linked to low testosterone levels.

  • It contains only all-natural, and organic ingredients.
  • Each ingredient has clinical and scientific studies behind it.
  • It is affordable compared to many other testosterone boosting supplements on the market.
  • Many orders of the supplement provide you with free shipping.
  • There are no side-effects from using the supplement.
  • It is easy and convenient to use.
  • It has a long history on the market, and thousands of positive reviews behind it.

Cons :

It can only be bought through its online store, and is not found on other online retailers.

The Ingredients of TestRX

As with any all-natural supplement, it’s important that we take a closer look at the ingredients that make up its formula. As the benefits linked to this supplement are all found within its ingredients.

There are seven active ingredients inside TestRX, which include :

Zinc Monomethionine

If you ask any bodybuilder, or men who have suffered from low testosterone levels, they will all be on the same page when it comes to Zinc. Zinc is a key ingredient in helping to improve testosterone levels, and provides a range of health benefits that turn back the clock on many of the issue’s low testosterone men face.

Clinical studies into zinc are quite clear: A higher amount of zinc in your system will improve the synthesis of testosterone, improving your sperm quality, motility, and count and help with any other low testosterone issues.

Magnesium Aspartate

Magnesium, like zinc, is another vital mineral that is linked to several health benefits, as well as higher testosterone levels. It works to boost the natural production of testosterone in the body, as well as increasing the oxygen levels in your muscle fibres.

This allows muscles to recover more quickly, grow faster, and work more efficiently. It also is a strong source of energy, and will leave you more focused after a hard workout session.

D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic Acid is a powerful amino acid that is no stranger to fitness supplements, especially those that focus on increasing testosterone levels. It helps to improve testosterone production, as well as your sperm production.

Furthermore, this amino acid will provide important building blocks for muscle growth, recovery, and function. Providing you with a larger, stronger, and healthier body in the process.

Fenugreek Seed Extract

Fenugreek Seed Extract is an interesting ingredient to find within the TestRX formula. It is linked to a higher metabolic rate within the body, as well as providing several mental and physical benefits through its high density in galactomannan.

This extract has also been linked to, in clinical studies, higher libido and enhanced tissue healing. Assisting you not only in the bedroom, but in the muscle building cycle.

Lastly, the high concentration of galactomannan in this extract will work to break down sugars more effectively in the body. Meaning that you will have an easier time getting rid of that sugary fat that is too easy to put on.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 has a long history in the fitness world, and is found in almost all fitness supplements for good reason. It helps to promote the production of androgen, which in turn pushes the body to raise the level of testosterone it keeps active at one time.

A lack of B6 in your system is often the cause of dropping testosterone rates, as the complex relationship between androgen and testosterone quickly causes an imbalance, especially in men over the age of forty.

The presence of B6 in the TestRX formula is to ensure you never fall into a deficiency of Vitamin B6.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 has been at the centre of a wide range of clinical studies lately, and they have concluded that higher levels of D3 in the body are directly linked to higher testosterone production.

On top of this, vitamin D3 is vital for your bone health, as well as helping to prevent osteoporosis, a condition many men and women risk facing as they get older. Especially those that are more active.

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 is a foundational vitamin in the TestRX formula. It helps to improve absorption of all nutrients in the body, and will assist your body in absorbing all of the natural ingredients inside TestRX.

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Is TestRX Safe?

Simply put: Yes, it absolutely is.

TestRX only uses an all-natural formula, meaning there are no ill-effects linked to the use of the supplement. As with all supplements of any kind, do not take TestRX if you are under the age of eighteen.

How Long Does TestRX Take to Work?

This answer will be slightly different for everybody, as the rate at which TestRX works is linked to your own personal absorption of the ingredients. However, for the vast majority of users, you can expect results between the two-to-four-week mark of use.

TestRX – Dosage

The amount of TestRX you take depends on what results you’re looking at getting. For those just looking to balance out their testosterone levels, two capsules per day is the recommended dosage. For bodybuilders and athletes, four capsules per day is recommended.

Always take these capsules with a meal, and space them out through the day for maximum results.

Where Can I Buy TestRX?

You can buy TestRX from its website. One month’s supply of the supplement will cost you $69.99, however steep discounts (And free shipping) are offered for more bulk purchase. Please check active offers as to save on your purchase.

Since all orders are protected by a 60-day money back guarantee, it’s a good idea to first trial the one-month package, and then buy in bulk if you’re happy with the results.

Our Final Thoughts

There is no shortage of testosterone boosting options out there for men right now, but looking deeper into TestRX, we can see why it has bloomed in popularity over the past few years.

With solid results, an incredible formula, and clinical studies backing it up, TestRX is the gold-standard in all-natural testosterone boosting out there right now. If you’re looking to take a proactive approach to getting more testosterone, then give TestRX a try!