Profollica Review – The All-Natural Solution to Balding and a Receding Hairline

profollica review

As most men get older, there is a grim reality that many of us face: Hair loss. Both a receding hairline, and bald spots, can be a huge blow to our self-confidence and our personal image. Creating a slew of issues for our mental health, and our romantic life.

This struggle is nothing new. Men have been losing hair since the beginning of time, and ever since the first hairs began to fall, there have been solutions out there to fix it. Sadly, many of these hair growth products have a long history of being snake-oil solutions but market is also having items like Profollica that really works.

It’s for this reason that many men treat hair loss products with a heavy dose of scepticism, which is completely understandable. We too are always careful of any new hair growth product that finds its way onto the market.

Yet one product has been rising in popularity lately in the hair regrowth industry, and is being showered with positive reviews. An all-natural supplement and gel called Profollica. This supplement and gel combo promises to return that full head of hair you miss so much.

We wanted to get a deeper look at Profollica, and discover if its reputation is warranted. We want to learn what it is, what’s inside it, and how it provides its benefits. With the intention is seeing if Profollica is just another snake-oil solution.

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The Symptoms of Hair Loss

Many men may not be aware that they are in need of a supplement like Profollica until it’s too late. Both balding and a receding hairline are subtle, and can often only be noticed by the time they are a deeply engrained problem.

If you are noticing hair dropping out in the shower, then you are likely beginning too bald. This is common for men over the age of thirty, but some men can begin balding as early as their twenties.

A receding hairline is a more subtle change. You will, like balding, notice hair loss which can be seen in the shower. However, this will be at a much lower rate than balding. Instead, take a look at your fringe line.

If the front of your hair, the fringe line, is beginning to sharpen or change shape, then you are likely beginning to suffer from a receding hairline.

Thankfully, both of these issues can be solved by Profollica, the sooner you start the treatment the better!

What is Profollica?

profollica-bottleProfollica is a complete hair regrowth solution, providing you with a dietary supplement, an activator gel, and an optional shampoo as well. It was created by the expert team over at Leading Edge Health, a long-standing industry leader for men’s health.

This three-part package is designed to address many of the underlying, and direct, reasons for hair loss. The team at Leading Edge Health didn’t like how many hair loss solutions in the industry provided very specific remedies.

Instead, Leading Edge Health have developed a complete package. The supplement is designed to address the underlying causes for hair loss, the gel is designed to target your skin regeneration, and the shampoo is designed to promote much healthier and thick hair.

Together this combo will gradually return you hair, and give you back that hairline you miss from your youth.

How Does Profollica Work?

Let’s take a moment to look at the Profollica package as a complete item, and see how it provides its benefits to your hair loss and receding hairline. We will explore the ingredients more closely in a moment, but first, let’s see the broad stroke details.

Profollica works to block DHT-triggered hair loss, which is a common hair loss that men over the age of forty suffer from. DHT-triggered follicles will be the result of an imbalance in your sex hormones, and often be genetically triggered to play out this way.

The Profollica package provides a range of ways that block the DHT-trigger process, meaning it will prevent your follicles from going dormant in the first place. One your hair follicles are dormant; it can take considerable effort to return them.

Furthermore, the Profollica package helps to return dormant follicles back to life. It does this through many of its active ingredients, absorbing them into the skin and returning your follicles to a working state.

Lastly, many minerals and vitamins within the Profollica package help to strengthen hair, and improve its health significantly. This will provide you with the more long-term benefits, making sure your hair does not fall out prematurely.

All of these benefits, linked to the Profollica formula, are clinically tested and proven. You can find the details for those studies on the Profollica website.

profollica before and after

The Ingredients of Profollica

Profollica uses a range of ingredients over all of its products, which include the activator gel, the supplement, and the shampoo, which provide its DHT blocking benefits. Let’s take a moment to break down the five active ingredients that provide these benefits:

Cinnamomumb Zeylanicum Extract

The Cinnamomumb Zeylanicum Extract works to irrigate the scale, and remove harmful bacteria that cause your follicles to go dormant. Furthermore, this ingredient directly reverses the DHT-trigger process. Meaning you will halt the hormone response that is causing your hair to fall out in the first place.

Salvia Sclarea Extract

Salvia Sclarea Extract is an interesting ingredient to find in the Profollica formula. Clinical tests into this ingredient show that it attaches itself to DHT responses in the scalp, skin, and body, and removes them directly. This cuts down on the level of DHT-triggers that are even possible in the first place.

It also helps to stimulate dormant follicles on your head, bringing them back to life in the process. This is more the case with its presence in the activator gel, compared to the dietary supplement.

Kigelia Africana Extract

Kigelia Africana Extract works to block harmful enzymes on your skin, specifically those on your scalp that attack follicles and cause them to go dormant. This is often one of the leading underlying causes for a receding hairline.

Gingko Biloba Extract

Gingko Biloba Extract helps to stimulate microcirculation on the scalp, which promotes stronger and more full health growth, as well as helping to bring back dormant hair follicles and grow more longer lasting hair from them once again.

Panax Ginseng Root Extract

Panax Ginseng Root Extract is responsible for scalp stimulation, which works to provide stronger and more healthy hair. On top of this, it also increases the depth of your hair, and provides a nice shine to it as well.

Is Profollica Safe?

Absolutely. There are no ill-effects linked to the use of Profollica, as it only uses all-natural ingredients in its formula.

As with all supplements, do not take the Profollica dietary supplement if you are under the age of eighteen.

How Long Does Profollica Take to Show Results?

The creators of Profollica over at Leading Edge Health have provided a roadmap for the results you can expect. However, it’s important to note that this all depends on the severity of your hair loss.

Leading Edge Health state that you will see small results after four weeks, and more noticeable results after eight weeks. With the largest results beginning to be seen after three to four months of use.

This is obviously not a magic pill, and won’t suddenly give you a full head of hair immediately. Using Profollica requires a level of patience, and commitment, to its usage regiment.

How Do I Use Profollica?

For the dietary supplement, take two capsules per day with a meal. It’s a good idea to take one capsule in the morning with breakfast, and then another with lunch. However, this isn’t required. Simply make sure to take two at separate times of the day.

For the shampoo and activator gel, their usage is simple. Use the shampoo once daily, when you shower. Make sure to leave it in for a few minutes, and then rinse it out.

Once you’re out of the shower, dry your hair. Then apply the activator gel to your scalp, or effected area, and work it in.

Repeat this process daily.

Where Can I Buy Profollica?

You can buy Profollica from its website. There are multiple different packages to choose from, so you’ll need to decide what approach you’re looking to take, and pick a package that matches that approach.

All orders come with free shipping, and a 60-day money back guarantee. Protecting you in the event that you’re not happy with the results of the supplement.

Our Final Verdict

There is no shortage of snake-oil products for hair regrowth out on the market today, and it was important for us to take a deeper look into Profollica. Especially with its rising popularity in the hair regrowth industry.

Thankfully, we can confidently say Profollica is not a snake-oil product. It provides real results, using powerful ingredients, in a realistic time-frame.

If you’re looking to regrow your hair, and get back a sense of confidence, then we couldn’t recommend Profollica enough!buy profollica