The 20 Flow Review – Does it Provide the Stamina You Need?

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As we grow older, our sex lives can become more work to maintain. According to research around the world, most people over 50 will express that their libido has fallen significantly, and their performance in the bedroom has diminished.

A healthy sexual relationship is the foundation of a happy romantic one, so it can be easy to feel disheartened as the years roll on, and your stamina and performance keep dropping. The truth is, however, that this attitude does not have to be your reality.

Medical professionals around the world have begun to link poor blood circulation in older patients with decreased libido, and troubles performing in the bedroom. The studies conclude that by stimulating more robust blood flow, a person can return to enjoying much of the same standards they enjoyed in their younger years.

One product to start turning heads in this industry is The 20 Flow, a sexual support supplement cantered around improving blood flow, support blood vessel health, and promoting more robust circulation.

We set out to explore what The 20 Flow is, what it’s made of, and how it works. To see if the benefits it promotes are real, and what we should expect from using the product.

The 20 Flow – What is it?

the 20 flow reviewThe 20 Flow is a nitric oxide supplement designed to improve stamina, and overall performance in both men and woman. Formulated by “The 20”, a company headed by revered health specialist Susan Bratton.

Bratton launched this company after doing in depth research into the correlation of circulation issues and lowered stamina and sexual performance in older patients. As she works with older patients directly, Susan became well versed in the issues facing the elderly of the modern age.

She eventually found nitric oxide, and formulated the recipe of The 20 Flow, to combat this epidemic, and give people back a sex life they can enjoy. She now boasts the supplement as one of the best ways to tackle the problem, and proudly stands behind it with her years of industry knowledge.

How Does The 20 Flow Work?

The 20 Flow is primarily a nitric oxide booster, and there is a good reason for that. Bratton studied that as we age, our nitric oxide production slows down, and because of this we experience a decrease in our blood flow and stamina.

Further than that, this deficiency goes on to create a ripple effect through out the body. With lowered blood flow and hindered stamina, other areas also begin to develop problems. No area is worse, however, than the penis and clitoris.

As less blood is available in the body, both the penis and clitoris will have less blood to pull in the event of arousal. If your body is unable to meet the sexual demand over and over, it will teach the body that it can’t get the blood it needs to meet peak arousal and stop sending the messages so strongly.

When you take a nitric oxide booster, such as The 20 Flow, you will begin to rebuild your natural healthy levels. After a prolonged time of the body having the right amount of nitric oxide again, it will increase blood flow, boost your stamina, and lead you to having a much easier time experiencing an erect penis or clitoris.

Whilst The 20 Flow is not a direct solution, such as Viagra, it aims to solve the problems at the root of your struggles with libido and sexual performance. This will provide you with a more long-term solution, in a more natural way.

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The 20 Flow Formula – What’s Inside it?

The 20 Flow supplement is crafted with all-natural ingredients, produced in an FDA approved facility in the USA. This means that the production of the supplement is held to a high standard of customer safety, and guaranteed quality.

The supplement is primarily a nitric oxide booster but comes with a recipe of active ingredients to help stimulate more nitric oxide release in the body.

The most interesting active ingredients of The 20 Flow are:

Fermented Organic Spinach

This active ingredient has been a long-standing natural method of increasing the body’s mineral absorption. This is a foundational ingredient designed to assist your body in properly absorbing the many helpful vitamins and minerals inside the supplement.


The main active ingredient inside the supplement, L-Citrulline helps to significantly improve nitric oxide production in the body. It is primarily extracted from watermelon and is often used to treat mild erectile dysfunction in males.

In this supplement, however, its role is focused more on boosting your nitric oxide levels. It does, however, help to assist both men and women in hardening the penis and clitoris.


Used mostly to help maintain healthy blood pressure, N-Acetylcysteine is also a natural method of promoting more nitric oxide release in the body. Coupled with the benefit of helping to regulate blood flow as well, this active ingredient’s effects are obvious almost immediately.

Acerola Cherry

Providing a strong source of natural vitamin C, the Acerola Cherry also helps to promote more active absorption within the body. This is coupled with L-Citrulline to create a power couple inside the supplement, giving you the best results possible.

Maritime Pine Tree

Scientifically proven to help improve more robust blood flow, the maritime pine tree is also a powerful method of increasing circulation throughout the body. Often prescribed to older patients in a pill form, this ingredient is the primary driving force behind improving the quality of your blood flow around the body. 

Dosage and Known Side-Effects?

Since The 20 Flow supplement is made from all-natural ingredients, there have been no documented side effects caused by the product. There are, however, some guidelines that all people should follow when taking a supplement.

You should not take The 20 Flow if:

  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • You are under 18 years of age.
  • You are suffering from an illness.
  • You are taking other medication.

(Consult your doctor before taking The 20 Flow)

The dosage for the supplement is simple. You will receive a bottle of 30 capsules, take one in the morning, and one in the evening, with a meal. It is never recommended to take more than the daily dosage and doing so will not provide you with any extra benefits as a result.

If you take the supplement without a meal, you may experience very slight discomfort in the stomach. Due to the high volume of digestion, and all the helpful ingredients being absorbed into your system. Therefore it is recommended to take just after eating.

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Is The 20 Flow a Perfect Supplement? – The Pros and Cons

There are clear benefits to using The 20 Flow, backed with strong medical understanding and proven results, that’s not hard to believe. However, there are also some disadvantages to the product as well.

To give an overview of both sides, here is our assessment of The 20 Flow supplement:

The Pros

  • Directly helps to relieve erectile dysfunction.
  • Both men and woman can use the product and receive great results.
  • The supplement is set at an affordable price, costing only $29USD for a month’s supply. With many other supplements asking for $60 a month, this is a refreshing price point.
  • The supplement is made from all-natural ingredients.
  • It has shown to provide real nitric oxide production in patients and helps to promote a range of benefits.
  • The 20 Flow is created in an FDA approved facility in the USA, meaning its quality can be trusted to be of the highest standard. As well as being held to an even higher standard of safety.

The Cons

  • Not a well-known brand, which means it needs to be sourced directly from the supplier.
  • The product has some clear limitations. Whilst it does provide everything it says it does, it cannot be used to promote unrealistic results, or fix deep rooted issues that may stem from other areas of concern.
  • Requires long-term use to get the most out of the supplement.

Maybe It’s Time to Give The 20 Flow a Go?

Sussan Bratton has formulated a revolutionary supplement that deserves the praise it is receiving. With a history in listening to patients, and helping them get the treatment they need, The 20 Flow is Bratton’s greatest work yet.

If you would like to try The 20 Flow, you can pick it up on their website. Every purchase comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, so what’s the harm in giving the best nitric oxide booster on the market a go?

If you are planning to try The 20 Flow, it may be a good idea to consult your doctor before doing so. Whilst The 20 Flow is an all-natural formula, with no side effects, it is always best to get a doctor’s opinion before taking on a new supplement.

Take a step back to the sex life of your youth and start enjoying what life can be like with a little extra kick in your step, and blood in your veins!