Sonus Complete Review – Silence Your Tinnitus the All-Natural Way

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For those suffering from tinnitus, the condition can be a debilitating and frustrating struggle. For many of us, the solutions out there to help us deal with our tinnitus are limited. As well as being often very expensive, with no real guarantee of working.

This reality has not gone unnoticed in many industries; however, one particular industry has developed intuitive solutions that are beginning to turn heads. We are talking about the supplement industry, who over the last ten years, have been developing incredible breakthroughs in tinnitus treatment.

One such supplement that has been gaining a gold standard reputation for itself is Sonus Complete, an all-natural dietary supplement designed to help improve your tinnitus and ear health as a whole.

With more and more people talking about Sonus Complete, and thousands of customers all around the world finding relief for their tinnitus, we wanted to learn more about this breakthrough supplement.

We picked up Sonus Complete, with the intention to learn about where it came from, what’s inside it, and what benefits it can offer.

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What Can Sonus Complete Do?

Sonus Complete is an all-natural supplement designed to help clear out your tinnitus in a matter of three to four weeks. Using a formula of powerful active ingredients that provide powerful effects over your ear health.

The process is linked to each ingredient separately (which we will explore soon) and the creators of Sonus Complete have selected some of the most powerful ingredients to provide these benefits.

After the supplement clears out your tinnitus, it works to restore nerve connections and brain synapses to cement long lasting relief from the condition. Directly targeting tinnitus incursions in the brain.

In short: The supplement targets both your ear health, by clearing out tinnitus, and brain health, by improving nerve connections and cognitive functions that pose an underlying health risk when you suffer from tinnitus.

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Sonus Complete – Core Benefits

Let’s take a closer look at the core benefits offered by Sonus Complete. With such an impressive resume of claims under the supplement’s belt, it can often be hard to nail down exactly what the supplement is providing.

The supplement provides a wide range of benefits, including:

Removes Tinnitus: The product works to remove the symptoms of tinnitus, and many of the underlying ear health issues caused by the condition. Get ready to say goodbye to that ringing in your ears!

Promotes Brain Recovery: The brain is an incredible sensitive organ that consumes two thirds of our daily energy needs. With Sonus Complete, your brain will get all of the require nutrients it needs to perform at its highest.

Better Mental Health: Many active ingredients within Sonus Complete will help to stabilize your mood, and improve mental health conditions you can be struggling with.

Full Detoxification: Over half of the active ingredients inside Sonus Complete are powerful detoxifiers. Meaning your body will be detoxified regularly, helping to keep a strong and healthy body.

Improved Memory: Linked to the brain recovery, will be a boost to your cognitive abilities. This means you will have an easier time holding onto, and forming new, memories as a result.

Better Sleep: One often overlook benefit of removing tinnitus is how you will quickly be able to sleep better as a result. Without that ringing in your ears, you will enjoy deeper and more long-lasting sleep.

Completely Organic: Every ingredient inside Sonus Complete is all-natural, and sourced from refinement free sources. Meaning you not only get the highest grade of ingredients, but there are no health risks linked to the supplement.

The Ingredients of Sonus Complete

It’s important we take a step back for a moment and get a closer look at the ingredients that makes up Sonus Complete. As the supplement’s ability to deliver on its benefits is tied directly to the ingredients they choose to use.

Sonus Complete is made up of some powerful all-natural ingredients, such as:

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 has a long list of health benefits attached to it. However, within the context of Sonus Complete, it helps to improve blood circulation and flow throughout the body. Assisting in healing your tinnitus.

Hibiscus and Hawthorn Berries

Both the Hibiscus and Hawthorn berries are powerhouses when it comes to their positive effects on the body. Such as: aiding in weight loss, improving the health of your nervous system, and elevating stress and anxiety. All incredibly helpful in the treatment against tinnitus.


Bearberries offer two key health benefits. They are powerful antioxidants, boost your immunity, and assist in treating inflammation. All of which contribute to how your body deals with tinnitus. Inflammation specifically is a leading cause of that ringing in your ears.

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea is a powerful antioxidant, helping to flush toxins out of your body. On top of this, the extract helps to restore neural connections in the brain, which are often an underlying cause of many symptoms of tinnitus.

Vitamin B6 and B12

Both of these vitamins have been studied at length when it comes to their relationship with hearing, specifically hearing loss. Shown in medical studies to improve your hearing, and ear health, when introduced into the body.

Garlic Extract

Garlic extract has been added to help with one of the most stressful issues faced by people suffering from tinnitus: Sleep deprivation. Garlic extract helps with your ability to fall asleep, and provides better, more long-lasting sleep as well.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil has a lot of health benefits attached to it. However, when it comes to specifically tinnitus treatment, it is a powerful antioxidant that works to flush toxins out of your body. On top of this, Olive Oil has been linked to helping with memory loss, and reducing buzzing sounds in the ear.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a foundational ingredient that assists with the absorption of all other active ingredients found within Sonus Complete. This means your body will absorb the nutrients more effectively, so you can get the most out of the supplement.

Is Sonus Complete a Safe Supplement?

Absolutely. Sonus Complete is a completely all-natural formula, that only uses ingredients sourced from refinement free sources. As well as people manufactured in an FDA approved facility.

There are no ill-effects linked to Sonus Complete, and in our extensive research, we found no reports whatsoever that any of the thousands of world-wide users of the supplement suffered from any ill-effects.

How Long Does Sonus Complete Take to Work?

According to the creators of Sonus Complete, the supplement takes between two to four weeks to begin helping with your hearing loss. This can vary slightly, depending on your own personal health.

This is because the supplement relies on you absorbing the all-natural formula to see results. So, depending on your own health, this may take a few extra weeks to begin showing signs of working.

We took a deeper look into the users of Sonus Complete, and found that the majority of users reported seeing results after the three-week mark. So quite close to the creators of Sonus Complete’s estimate.

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Sonus Complete – Dosage Regiment

Taking Sonus Complete is extremely simple. Each bottle of the supplement is designed to last you one month, and comes with sixty capsules.

Take two capsules per day, evenly spread out throughout the day. It’s often recommended to take the supplement with water and a meal, to help with digestion.

Remember: Taking more won’t provide extra results. So, stick to the recommended dosage, and be patient. You’ll soon be enjoying the benefits of Sonus Complete!

Where Can I Buy Sonus Complete?

You can buy Sonus Complete from their website. Each bottle of the supplement will cost you $69, however the company behind the supplement offers steep discounts for bulk buying. So, if the supplement is working for you, then it may be a good idea to pick up more in bulk.

Every order comes with a sixty-day money back guarantee, which means you are free to try out the supplement and see if it works for you. As well as providing free world-wide shipping to all of their customers.

What’s not to love about that?

Our Final Verdict

Sonus Complete is tackling is difficult condition faced by millions of people all over the world. It’s no easy task to provide an all-natural solution for this condition, and we’ll admit, when first learning about the supplement we were sceptical.

However, after looking into the powerful effects of the supplement, and the intuitive formula that makes up this industry breakthrough, we are heart-warmingly convinced of its value.

It’s no surprise that Sonus Complete has grown such a powerful and dedicated following online, earning it a gold-standard reputation in the industry.

If you’re looking to treat your tinnitus, and free the sweet freedom of silence once more, then give Sonus Complete a try. We couldn’t recommend it enough to anybody suffering from tinnitus!

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