A man’s penis is an important part of how they experience their romantic life. Whilst many men enjoy an average, or large sized penis, many men are left wanting to gain a little extra length to help them compete in the dating world.

This desire also comes from a place of wanting to be a good lover to their significant other, and for men who struggle with the size of their penis, can often be an underlying cause for stress, depression, and anxiety around romantic relationships.

It’s for this reason that Size Genetics, a male enhancement device designed to help increase the size and girth of your penis, has been growing in popularity over the last few years. The device has been featured in major male enhancement publications, and is quickly becoming the most popular device of its kind.

As with any products in the male enhancement world, we knew we had to get a closer look. So, we picked up the device, with the intension of looking into what it is, what it provides, how it works, and the science behind how it provides is benefits.

Read on to see our in-depth review of the Size Genetics male enhancement device!

Size Genetics – An Overview

Size Genetics is both a device, and a medical approach to helping to increase the size of your penis. Firstly, however, let’s focus on the device itself, and then explore the medical method of how the device works down below.

The Size Genetics device is a tension device, which requires you to attach the Size Genetics equipment to your penis, and slowly apply tension. Whilst this may, on the surface, sound painful, it absolutely is not.

The device provides a consistent, risk-free method of increasing the length and girth of your penis. Only requiring you to keep up with the regiment the device requires to work. Since Size Genetics has been designed to be worn under your pants discreetly, this isn’t a huge burden.

Since coming onto the market only recently, Size Genetics has quickly risen to be of the most trusted devices of its kind. It has one of the highest customer review scores in the industry, and has also received global praise for its results from industry leaders.

Tension Devices – Understanding the Science of Size Genetics

The Size Genetics device is based around tension to achieve its results. This is a medical method of healing, often used to repair, straighten, and strengthen bones that have been broken. However, this method of stretching tissue also has wider applications.

The device begins by applying a mild level of tension to your penis, and increasing that tension over time. This causes micro-tares to form on the surface of your skin, and as those tares heal, more skill cells will be produced.

The result, once this process completes several times, is more length and girth to your penis. As well as your body allocating more blood to your penis in general, which helps to make it even larger.

Whilst this may sound painful, this is actually the exact same process that we undergo when building muscle. First, we work out hard enough to cause micro-tares in the muscle fibres, then they heal over and produce more muscle fibres as a result.

The science behind this approach is a simple one, but its within that simplicity that we can see guaranteed results for people who use the Size Genetics device.

Size Genetics – How Do I Use the Device?

When beginning to use the Size Genetics device, you can’t suddenly go to the highest setting and expect the highest results. It takes time to acclimate your body to the device, and prepare yourself for the daily highest standard of use.

The creators behind size genetics outline a nine-week introduction regiment to prepare yourself.

This is how your first nine weeks of using the device will look:

Week 1 –> 3

Begin by attaching the device for one hour per day, with 600g of tension. However, split up this one-hour session between multiple ten-minute sessions. Try to learn how to best wear the device under clothing, and take your time to get used to how it feels.

Week 4 –> 6

Now that your body has become more used to the device, it’s time to start increasing the length at which you use it. As well as adding more tension.

Attach the device for two hours per day, with 900g of tension. Start by trying to wear the device for one hour first, and then smaller twenty-minute sessions afterwards. If this is uncomfortable, you can split these sessions into thirty-minute breaks.

Ultimately, at this stage, you want to be comfortable by week 6 wearing the device for an hour without discomfort. If by week 6 you haven’t reached this point, then stay on this level until you are.

Week 7 –> 8

Now you want to work up too much longer sessions. Begin in week seven with attaching the device for a total of five hours per day, at 1500g of tension. Attempt to wear the device as long as possible, before breaking it down to smaller sessions.

Once week eight comes around, you want to be wearing the device for six hours per day with 1800g of tension, without breaks. If you have to take a break, try to split it into two three-hour sessions.

Week 9

Once you have reached week nine, you are ready to use the device long-term. Attach the device daily for six hours, with a setting of 2300g tension. If this is uncomfortable to begin with, don’t hesitate to drop the tension until you are comfortable.

This is how you will continue to use the device from now on. If, for any reason, you take a break from using Size Genetics, make sure to lower the tension and session amount to break yourself back in to regular use.

Is Size Genetics Safe?


There are no risks involved with the use of Size Genetics. The tension approach is a well understood scientific and medical solution for many issues in the body, and the level of tension capable from the Size Genetics device is far too little to cause any harm.

Coupled with this, Size Genetics has undergone several industry tests to ensure its safety before coming onto the market. It has also been sold to thousands all over the world. No harm has ever been reported from either of these groups.

It’s important to note: Whilst this device is risk free, don’t overdo your use of the Size Genetics device. As this can cause mild discomfort.

What Results Can I Expect?

Everybody’s experience with Size Genetics will be slightly different, however that doesn’t mean we can’t draw a median conclusion that will likely be close to what you receive.

After the first nine weeks of use, at which point you’ll be broken in to using the device, you’ll notice roughly a quarter inch of growth. This will come with minimal improvements to your girth.

However, once this process is complete, the real results will kick in. Each month following, it is expected you will see minor girth improvements, and a quarter inch per month. This will continue for however long you choose to use the device.

Where Can I Buy Size Genetics?

You can buy Size Genetics from their official website.

There are several different packages that the creators provide, so let’s break them down for you here:

The Value Edition: Priced at $199.95, this package includes the core Size Genetics device, as well as a comfort strap and all of the required tools for the device to work.

The Comfort Package: Priced at $249.95, this package comes with all of the items from the value package, as well as a range of extra bars for more growth, and comfort pads to help with making the device more comfortable to use. On top of this, you’ll also receive a high-quality carry case.

The Curvature & Peyronie’s Package: Priced at $299.95, this package comes with all of the previous package items. Including extract tools to help you straighten your penis, and an added device to help with Peyronie’s Disease, which you can learn about on their website here.

All orders are protected by a sixty-day money back guarantee. This means if you’re not happy with the results, don’t hesitate to send it back!

Our Final Verdict

There is no shortage of male enhancement products on the market today, and it’s for this reason that we wanted to make sure we looked closely at Size Genetics. To ensure it truly provided what it claimed to.

We can now confidently say that Size Genetics is the real deal. It sits on a foundation of real results, and helps to provide incredible gains for men all over the world.

If you’re looking to increase the size of your penis, and want a risk-free and affordable way to do it, then look no further than Size Genetics!