Quietum Plus Review – The Proven Way to Fight Hearing Loss

quietum plus reviewA quiet epidemic has been taking place in the modern world for generations now. It’s not on the news, and it’s not the most exciting subject to talk about, but with the rise of modern lifestyles, has also come a new age of hearing loss.

Yet it doesn’t have to be this way, as most medical professions will tell you: Hearing loss can be avoided with early detection, prevention, and management. It is this fact alone that brought us to discover Quietum Plus.

Quietum Plus is a supplement designed to bring back your hearing, over a slow and gradual improvement within the body. Using a range of all-natural ingredients, with proven clinical results, to give you back the hearing you are accustom to.

We decided to sit down and discover what Quietum Plus was all about, what it can offer you, what it’s made of, and if it really works.

Quietum Plus – An Overview

Quietum Plus is a dietary supplement developed to tackle the symptoms of hearing loss. Designed to be taken on a strict regimented routine, the supplement promises to tackle the issues of hearing loss at the root of the problem, and slowly and gradually provide you with lasting results.

Developed by Patrick Bark, a passionate researcher in the medical field of audiology, the supplement was created from decades of research knowledge behind it. Bark details a complex process on his website that allowed him to pick out the most powerful natural ingredients, despite some of them being hard to obtain, and providing them to the world.

Yet before we delve deep into what is inside the supplement, and what it can provide for you, it’s important to also cover what anybody suffering from hearing loss should do as a first step.

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Tackling Hearing Loss – First Steps

If you are suffering from hearing loss, Patrick Bark details some important steps you can take before even beginning to take the Quietum supplement.

These are:

Learn About the Ear

The ear is a complex organ, but you don’t need to be a medical professional to learn a little about it. Take some time to research about the ear, learn what causes hearing loss, and perhaps try to see where your hearing loss is coming from.

The first step to solving hearing loss is learning about what you are trying to fix.

Exercise Your Ear

Starting to work on your brain’s ability to comprehend the ear’s messages is an important area that we can all improve on. There are two simple activities you can do to start helping this connection.

Firstly, take a walk into a quiet environment. This can be a forest track, or a quiet park, somewhere you won’t be overwhelmed with sounds. When you get home, take some time to sit down and write about everything you heard. The birds, the trees, the water, anything.

Secondly, sit down with a partner and have them read a book or magazine to you on an unfamiliar topic. For each sentence or two they read you, repeat the words back to them as you heard it.

Don’t Stick Anything in Your Ear

This one may be a no brainer for some, but it can be shocking the amount of people who are unaware. Your ear is a very sensitive, and delicate part of the body. Do not stick any object inside your ear, including things such as Q-tips, or even ear buds if you are beginning to suffer from hearing loss.

Volume Control

Many of us will not realize just how loud a lot of our personal music devices are. The ear can easily be damaged by long exposure to loud sounds, and is the leading cause of hearing loss in adults under the age of 50.

If you regularly listen to music on an MP3 player, your phone, or your computer, make sure the volume is as a reasonable level. If you are accustom to louder music you may need some time to adjust to a lower volume, so be patient.

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Quietum Plus – What’s inside it?

The Quietum supplement is a mixture of all-natural refinement free ingredients, each offering a powerful and unique benefit to your auditory health. So let’s look at exactly what is inside each capsule:

  • Mexican Yam – 15mg
  • Partridge Berry – 20mg
  • Red Clover – 400mg
  • Sage Leaf – 200mg
  • Black Cohosh – 160mg
  • Dong Quai Root – 150mg
  • Licorice Root – 150mg
  • Rep Raspberry – 50mg
  • Blessed Thistle Herb – 50mg
  • Chaste Tree Fruit – 100mg

As well as trace amounts of Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium, Microcrystalline Cellulose, and Gelatin. If you’d like to see the ingredients for yourself, simply head over to their website and you can check the package information.

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What are the Benefits of the Quietum Supplement?

It’s important to remember that Quietum was not developed as a magic pill solution to hearing loss. There is very little in the medical field, outside of a hearing aid, that can prove immediate results for the ear.

Quietum required 2-3 months for the body to fully obtain all of the benefits of the supplements all natural formula. However once you have committed to the regiment, you can begin to enjoy the lasting results.

The supplement works to repair the inner ear, and directly restore nerve damage to its surroundings. As well as:

  • Strengthening your immune system, and revitalizes your white-blood cell counting. Helping to combat hearing loss that results from the aging process.
  • Directly combats and reduces the free radicals within the body, responsible for nerve damage in the ears.
  • Lowers fluid build-up in the ear, and helps to regulate more healthy fluid levels.

Quietum Plus – Correct Dosage and Known Side-Effects?

First and foremost, Quietum Plus has no known side-effects. Due to its all natural formula, derived from refinement-free sources, there is no adverse response from the body. There is a very low chance of an allergic reaction, so if this concerns you, consult your doctor before you begin taking the supplement.

It is also not advised for pregnant or nursing mothers to take the supplement, as well as children under the age of 18, and individuals with current serious medical conditions. If you are suffering from a medical condition, but still wish to take Quietum Plus to help your hearing loss, always consult your doctor first.

Dosage for the supplement is easy. Simply take two capsules per day, every day, along with a meal. It is not recommended to take the supplement with a light meal, such as a piece of fruit, but instead with more calorie dense meals, such as lunch or dinner.

This will allow your body to process the ingredients of the supplement to the fullest effect. If by chance you do take the supplement without a full meal, you may suffer a lightly uneasy stomach for a short while. Do not be concerned, as this will pass, and there are no ill effects. Just like with any dietary supplement.

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When Can I Expect Results, and How Long Will They Stay?

Quietum Plus is designed in a way that it takes time to get the full effect from the supplement, so it’s important to be patient. Most patients will see results after 2-3 months of use to address mild conditions, and 3-4 months to target more severe auditory damage.

However this will prove to be worth it, as the lasting effects of Quietum Plus are significant. The majority of patients reported their hearing loss symptoms stabilized for up to 1-2 years before feeling it slip again, meaning that a single round of Quietum Plus will provide four to eight times the benefit of the time invested in taking it.

Quietum Plus – Cost and Where Can I get it?

You should only source Quietum Plus directly from their website, and never buy it from other retailers. This ensures you are getting a verified product, and not a cheap knock-off from an unknown source.

The supplement costs roughly $69 per bottle for a month’s supply, but can be significantly cheaper in larger bundles. Such as 6 bottles for $49 each, and 3 bottles for $59 each. These packages also come with free U.S shipping!

Always remember that any purchase directly from Patrick Bark and his team will come with a 60-day money back guarantee, so you’re covered if the supplement doesn’t work out for you.

Our Final Thoughts

Quietum Plus proves to be an effective, honest, and direct solution to help improve hearing loss around the world. It’s heartwarming to see an auditory research professional such as Patrick Bark break out from the pack and strive to deliver real results for people around the world.

Whilst it can be frustrating that a magic pill doesn’t exist, it’s reassuring to see that Patrick tempers expectations and explains the realities of tackling hearing loss in the modern era.

If you, or someone you love, is starting to have their hearing slip. Take a proactive approach and reach out for a proven solution. We couldn’t recommend Quietum Plus enough, and Patrick and his team stand behind results you can rely on.

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