ProSolution Plus Review – The All-Natural Male Enhancement Breakthrough

As men get older, there is often a grim reality they must face when it comes to their sexual health. Past the age of forty, but sometimes even sooner, the male body begins to slow down its production of sex hormones.

This can cause low libido, erratic mood swings, poor performance in bed, low sperm count, and even erectile dysfunction. All of these symptoms, whilst a natural occurrence in an aging male body, can have significant effects on self-confidence. As well as causing issues having a baby.

There is so shortage of male enhancement products out there on the market today, yet one particular supplement has been quickly making a name for itself on the market. Known as Prosolution Plus, an all-natural male enhancement dietary supplement.

When it comes to any supplement gaining a positive reputation for itself, especially in the male enhancement industry, we want to get a closer look. We need to make sure that this supplement’s claims are backed up with real results.

It’s for this reason that we went out and picked up Prosolution Plus. With the intention of learning what it is, what’s inside it, what benefits it provides, and if there is any science behind how it provides those benefits.

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What is Prosolution Plus?

Prosolution Plus, specifically, is a supplement designed to help men with premature ejaculation. As well as providing a range of other benefits to men’s enjoyment of sex. It is designed with all-natural ingredients, and backs each of its benefits with clinical trials.

It aims to work as a support network for men. By providing you with a range of beneficial ingredients that work to not only increase blood flow, but also libido, and also increase how long you can last in bed.

The supplement’s creators, Leading Edge Health, are experts in the field of male enhancement. They know what it takes to provide a proper solution to what many men face, especially as they get older, but also for those that can’t seem to last long in bed.

The supplement itself is manufactured in the US, and comes with an FDA approval. Meaning each capsule of Prosolution Plus is held to an incredibly high standard of quality, as well as having every ingredient inside the supplement be sourced from refinement-free sources.

How Does Prosolution Plus Work?

Prosolution Plus is comprised of a range of ingredients (which we will explore more in-depth soon) that provide a range of proven benefits for men’s sexual health. Let’s take a moment to break down what those benefits are, and how they help.

Increased Blood Vessel Dilation : Prosolution Plus provides a higher level of nitric oxide into your system, which works to encourage your blood vessels to dilate. This helps to enhance your erections, make them last longer, and remove hyper-sensitivity in your erections. Helping you to last longer, and enjoy sex more.

Boosted Libido : Several ingredients within Prosolution Plus help to boost your libido. This will provide you with stronger sexual desires, and a more pleasurable experience in bed as well. On top of this, it also helps to keep you calm in sexual situations, preventing premature ejaculation.

Easier, More Frequent Climaxes : This supplement comes with a range of vitamins and minerals that have been proven to provide you with more intense, and frequent, orgasms.

Decreased Sexual Anxiety : Several ingredients within Prosolution Plus help to improve your mental state. Specifically, it helps you to deal with anxiety. This will assist you in keeping a level head during sex, and preventing premature ejaculations, or even erectile dysfunction.

More Controlled Ejaculation : The entire Prosolution formula is primarily focused around providing you with more control over your ejaculations. Meaning you can last longer in bed, and choose when you ejaculate. Furthermore, you’ll enjoy those ejaculations more. What’s not to love about that?

The Pros and Cons of Prosolution Plus

It’s important that we take a moment to break down the pros and cons of the Prosolution Plus supplement:


  • Works to provide more controlled ejaculations and stronger erections.
  • Uses a range of mood stabilizers and libido enhancers.
  • Backed by a long list of clinical studies.
  • Offers a risk-free trial for anybody interested in the supplement.
  • Guarantees results within four to six weeks of use.


  • The supplement does use stimulants, although very mild. For some, this may be seen as a negative.
  • Can only be purchased online, and from their official website. No other online retailers stock this supplement.
  • Is slightly more expensive than many other male enhancement options out there on the market today.

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Prosolution Plus – The Ingredients

As with any all-natural supplement, it’s important we take a step back and break down the ingredients inside. As the effectiveness of the supplement hinges squarely on the shoulders of its formula.

The active ingredients in Prosolution Plus include:

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris has a wide range of health benefits, specifically for men’s health. It helps to produce more testosterone, increases your libido, assists in muscle building, and even helps to protect your cardiovascular system.

Furthermore, it works to reduce pain, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejeculations. Clinical studies have also linked the extract to protection from a wide range of diseases, such as heart and liver disease.

Withania Somnifera

Withania Somnifera, also known as Ashwagandha, provides a range of anti-stress, immune boosting, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. It works to increase your energy levels, and your libido as well.

It has also been linked to a range of strength and vitality improvements, most importantly around the issue of hypertension and stress. Clinical studies have also linked the ingredient to a wide range of disease prevention, such as asthma, colds, fever, cough, hypothyroidism, and rheumatism.

Most importantly, it helps to relax your body, and prevent premature ejaculations.

Asparagus Adscendens

Asparagus Adscendens is a natural aphrodisiac, and helps to boost your libido significantly, as well as your sexual performance. It has also been linked to allowing men to last longer in bed, as well as protecting them against urinary tract infections, acne, parasitic illnesses, and cancer.

Asteracantha Longifolia or Kokilaaksha

This ingredient is a traditional Indian medicine, and is known to as powerful aphrodisiac. It is also a powerful liver protective agent, and helps to cure premature ejaculation.

Asphaltum – Shilajit

This ingredient is an interesting one we don’t see too often. It is a herbal extract that is a powerful source of energy, as well as helping to improve your immune response in the body. It also helps to project men against jaundice, urinary tract disorder, enlarged spleen, anaemia, anxiety, and bronchitis.

Mucuna Prureins

This plant extract is often used for treating arthritis, anxiety, parasitic infections, and even Parkinson’s disease. It provides a good source of L-Dopa, which is an important compound that works to alleviate many mental conditions, such as depression, anxiety, and stress.

On top of this, it helps with insomnia, and with premature ejaculation. As it works to calm your body, as well as the nerve response in the penis. Meaning you won’t be oversensitive due to heightened arousal.

Is Prosolution Plus Safe to Consume?

Absolutely. There are no ill-effects linked to the use of Prosolution Plus. As it uses an all-natural formula to provide its benefits.

As with all supplements of any kind, do not take Prosolution Plus if you are under the age of eighteen.

How Long Does Prosolution Plus Take to Show Its Benefits?

This will be slightly different for everybody, as the supplement relies on your ability to digest the ingredients to provide its benefits. However, for the majority of users, you can expect to see results between the four-to-six-week mark.

How Do I take Prosolution Plus?

Taking Prosolution Plus is easy. Simply take two capsules per day, at separate times, with a meal and water. It is always recommended to take Prosolution Plus with a meal, to avoid an upset stomach from digesting the all-natural formula.

Where Can I Buy Prosolution Plus?

You can buy Prosolution Plus from its website. One month’s supply of the supplement will cost you $69.95. However, steep discounts are offered for bulk purchase. These discounts go up to a massive 40% saving on the highest package.

All orders are protected with a two-month money back guarantee, and provide you with free worldwide shipping on the larger packages.

A good idea is to trial the supplement first, and if it works for you, buy it in bulk to save money.

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Our Final Verdict

When it comes to supplements designed to help men with their sexual health, there is no shortage of snake-oil options out there. It’s for this reason that we approached Prosolution Plus with a healthy dose of scepticism.

However, after looking deeper into the supplement, we can see that there is good reason for the supplement’s success. It provides real benefits to men, with proven results through clinical trials.

If you’re looking to help improve your premature ejaculation issues, and general sexual health, then we couldn’t recommend Prosolution Plus enough!