The size of a man’s penis is often deeply tied to their self-confidence, and can play a massive role in how men operate in the bedroom. For many men, it can be a frustrating struggle to feel that you do not have enough length, or girth, to really enjoy yourself in the bedroom.

Sadly, for many men, there are limited options to help increase the size of their penis. There are expensive medical surgery options, which pose significant risks to your personal health. As well as many cosmetic surgery options, that also are significantly costly and risky.

Thankfully, this has not gone unnoticed, and a new competitor has stepped into the ring to offer men a more reliable and affordable option. Known as ProExtender, this device helps to extend the size of your penis each month without the need of risky or expensive medical solutions.

Due to the steady increase in ProExtender’s popularity, we wanted to get a closer look into how the device operates. So, we picked up the ProExtender device, with the intension of learning what it is, how it works, and the science behind how it delivers its benefits.

Read on to see our in-depth review ProExtender!

What Is ProExtender?

ProExtender is a tension device that helps men to increase the size, and girth, of their penis. It has been designed with the help of a team of engineers, and male health experts, to craft the perfect device for increasing the size of your penis.

The device itself is based around the science of tension, and how that tension effects our skin. Whilst we will explore this process more down below, we will note here that this process allows you to grow more skin, and by extension, a longer and thicker penis.

Since being released onto the market, ProExtender was a quiet success. Seeing a dedicated user base crop up around the product. Since then, ProExtender has gone from strength to strength, allowing people to increase the size of their penis in a safe and guaranteed fashion.

How Does ProExtender Work?

As mentioned above, the ProExtender works by applying steady tension to your penis. This begins a process of breaking, and then healing, of skin cells.

Whilst this sounds dangerous, it is perfectly safe, and is exactly the same process that plays out when we grow muscle. We firstly tare the muscle fibres, and then regrow them with harder and larger muscle fibres in their place.

The ProExtender device allows users to emulate this process with their penis, and provides consistent results week to week.

The best part? Once these growths have happened, they are with you for life!

Understanding The Science Behind ProExtender

The science behind the ProExtender device is rooted in how tension works with our skin cells. Tension is a medical method of healing, often used to repair, straighten, and strengthen bones that have been broken. However, this method of stretching tissue also has wider applications.

The device begins by applying a mild level of tension to your penis, and increasing that tension over time. This causes micro-tares to form on the surface of your skin, and as those tares heal, more skill cells will be produced.

The result, once this process completes several times, provides more length and girth to your penis. As well as your body allocating more blood to your penis in general, which helps to make it even larger.

The science behind this approach is a simple one, but its within that simplicity that we can see guaranteed results for people who use the ProExtender device.

The Process of Using ProExtender

Using the ProExtender device is split into two key categories, the actual attachment of the device, and the regiment of using the device itself. Let’s explore both of those in a little more detail, so you know what you are doing once picking up the device.

Firstly, to attach the device, start by attaching the comfort strap around the base of your penis. Then attach the bottom of the device around this strap, making sure it is firm. You can adjust the clamp strength with the band on the side.

Then simply attach the bars to either side of the device, and then the head. The head of the device will need to rest just below the tip of your penis. If you have a foreskin, this means you’ll need to pull it back ever so slightly to have the device attached correctly.

Now that you have the device attached, let’s outline the usage regiment you will follow:

Week 1: For the first week, you want to use a modest amount of tension. Only applying the device for a total of one hour per day, split between four fifteen-minute sessions. This is to start acclimating your body to the tension, and to avoid any discomfort.

Week 2: Once you have pushed through the first week, it’s time to up the tension by a quarter. Now wearing the device for a total of two hours per day, in four thirty-minute sessions.

If you notice some discomfort at this stage, don’t hesitate to drop the tension a little.

Week 3 -> 5: Between week three and five, it’s time to start upping your usage to four hours per day. With another quarter of tension applied. This four-hour usage regiment should be split between four one-hour sessions.

Week 6 -> 8: Between week six and eight, you no longer need to up the tension. It’s all about maximizing the amount of time you use the device. Begin by slowly increasing your usage time by thirty minutes per week.

Week 9 and Beyond: At week nine, your body will be fully adjusted to the use of the ProExtender device. From here, use the device for eight hours per day. You are free to use the tension level you are comfortable with.

Is ProExtender Safe?


There are no risks involved with the use of ProExtender. The tension approach is a well understood scientific and medical solution for many issues in the body, and the level of tension capable from the ProExtender device is far too little to cause any harm.

Coupled with this, ProExtender has undergone several industry tests to ensure its safety before coming onto the market. It has also been sold to thousands all over the world. No harm has ever been reported from either of these groups.

It’s important to note: Whilst this device is risk free, don’t overdo your use of the ProExtender device. As this can cause mild discomfort.

What Kind of Results Can You Expect?

The results that you experience from the ProExtender will begin to take effect after two weeks, however the nature of these results will increase after each month of consistent use. That means the more you use the device, the better results you will enjoy.

After two weeks, you will see up to a quarter inch of increased length to your penis. With mild increases to your girth as well. After one month of use, you’ll begin to see a more solid quarter inch of length, and significantly more girth enlargements.

After six months of use, you will begin to see a plateau of results. However, you will still gain small amounts of length and girth increases from month to month.

Where Can You Buy ProExtender?

You can buy ProExtender from its official website.

There are multiple packages to choose from, which provide different ranges of support for what you’re looking to accomplish. The packages break down as such:

The Basic Package: For $149, you can pick up the basic package. Providing you with the ProExtender device.

The Deluxe Package: For $229, you can get the deluxe package. Providing you with the ProExtender device, as well as a bottle of Erectin and Semenax. Two male enhancement supplements that help to support better quality orgasms, and longer and harder erections.

The Ultimate Package: For $497, you can get the ultimate package. This provides you with everything from the previous packages. As well as a ProExtender lifetime membership, and a 1 on 1 coaching support run by the famous male enhancement coach AJ Alfaro.

All purchases from the ProExtender store offer you a 60-day money back guarantee. Meaning if you’re not happy with the results you are seeing, don’t hesitate to send it back for a full refund. Protecting you as a consumer!

Our Final Thoughts

The world of penis extension devices is a relatively new area of the male enhancement world. Because of this, we went into this review with a healthy dose of scepticism. As we wanted to make sure the device provided what it promised to.

Thankfully, looking into the ProExtender device, we can clearly see that the device is the real deal. Sitting on a foundation of real results, and providing its users with consistent grow metrics to their penis.

If you’re looking to increase the length, and girth, of your penis. Then look no further than the ProExtender device!