Mind Lab Pro : A 2022 In-Depth Review

Our Mind Lab Pro review aims to provide you with answers to all the questions you may have regarding this amazing supplement.

We know the story: perhaps you are a college student wants to know if this will enhance your academic performance, or an office employee who wants to focus on a task for hours on end. Maybe you are a busy CEO who needs to be 110% the whole time, or someone worried about boosting his memory and brain health.

In this era of high competition, everyone is trying to take his capabilities and performance to the top. Thus, seeking for supplements that improves cognitive abilities is normal.

You’ve probably heard a lot about this brain supplement being able to increase your memory, intelligence, brainpower and creativity. It sounds tempting but… can you really trust that information? You are looking for in-depth reviews because you care whether it works or not. Is it safe for you? What formula do they use? Is is truly the best to meet your needs?

Our goal with this article is to go above and beyond for you. We are going to review Mind Lab Pro, a famous supplement that promises amazing brain performance. We are going to answer each and every question you may have, so that you can make your best decision. If that sounds interesting, let’s jump into it!

What are Nootropics?

Nootropics are synthetic substances that are used to increase brain performance in healthy people. They might be natural or synthetic nootropics, but always used to enhance cognitive abilities.

Some use Nootropics to enhance brain power and focus. As they also have stimulant effects, sometimes they are used to treat medical conditions, such as memantine (Axura), which is prescribed to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

In other cases, Nootropics are used to boost mental performance, with substances such as creatine, ginseng or ginkgo. Many supplements have been formulated from those (Alpha Brain, Qualia, etc.).

However, the one that has taken the Nootropic industry by storm is Mind Lab Pro. And rightfully so.

What is Mind Lab Pro?

Mind Lab Pro is a cognitive support supplement that helps boost brainpower.

Unlike any traditional brain supplements or memory pills, it doesn’t contain any futile additives, and features 11 effective nootropic ingredients that enhance cognitive functions. All of these ingredients are encapsulated in vegan caps, which also leads to better absorption.
The supplement’s packaging says it all: ‘Focus, Memory and Clarity’. Mind Lab Pro is really good at that.

Why Mind Lab Pro instead of the competitors?

In addition to quality, many other factors are essential to make a supplement successful. The same applies to the nootropic industry.

There are plenty of popular supplements such as OptiMind, which became popular because of the auto-rebill service: you get a free trial and then you are recharged. Behind Qualia there is an amazing marketing team that made it well-known. What’s the story behind Mind Lab Pro’s popularity?

The most obvious reason is quality. As we mentioned, it features the best nootropics out there. It also has a great marketing strategy: if you are nootropic consumer it’s likely that you came across a Mind Lab Pro advertisement. However, it is not just the marketing that made this supplement such a success.

Mind Lab Pro

What are Mind Lab Pro ingredients?

First, let’s talk about what makes Mind Lab such a safe supplement.
The company shows transparency by not only providing the ingredients used in the formula, but their dosage as well.

In our Mind Lab Pro review we want to check the 11 nootropics used to formulate the final product.

Citicoline as Cognizin (250 mg)

This drug is primarily used for enhancing memory.
It boosts choline levels in the brain. Adequate choline levels help improved thinking and increased concentration. Moreover, it is a neuroprotective agent that is safe for human use.

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (175 mg)

Dopamine (non-essential amino acid) is a key neurotransmitter for mood monitoring. Dopamine levels can be increased by using NALT.

Studies have proven that NALT helps reduce stress. But not all studies have proven in favor of NALT. One study showed that NALT worsened cognition in aging adults. That is why the lower dose is used in this formula, so that it is healthy and safe without pushing the limits.

Suntheanine as L-Theanine (100 mg)

This promotes mental relaxation by increasing alpha waves in the brain. Moreover, it also plays a role in the synthesis of dopamine that promotes a state of well-being.

Phosphatidylserine (Sharp PS Green) (100 mg)

Using PS can delay early dementia and prevent memory loss. It boosts nerve cell growth. It is mainly known for stimulating nerve growth in the brain.

Furthermore, it increases the production of dopamine, which is essential for cognitive function.

Bacopa Monnieri (150 mg)

It lowers stress and enhances concentration by producing serotonin. It has its applications in slowing age-related cognitive decline.

Maritime Pine Bark Extract (75 mg)

This particular nootropic is said to stimulate the brain to release nitric oxide, so that blood flow is increased. As it improves blood circulation in the brain, it will boost mental energy as well. Studies have revealed that it improves learning and memory in the long run.

Lion’s mane mushroom (500 mg)

This is the only known mushroom which has properties to enhance cognitive functioning. It helps in regenerating damaged cells in the brain and spinal cord from a nerve injury. It enhances memory and healthy brain cell replication, and also helps manage mood swings.

Rhodiola rosea (3 % rosavins & 1 % salidroside) (50 mg)

It stimulates the synthesis of dopamine and serotonin. It is used to enhance attention, learning, and building focus and is also found helpful in combating stress.

Vitamin B6 (2.5 mg), B9 (100 mcg) and B12 (7.5 mcg)

Who is not aware of the uses of vitamins in building up cognitive functions and increasing brainpower and performance? They are all crucial and important for neurological functions. Vitamin B6 helps with cognitive functioning. Vitamin B12 is proven to enhance energy and focus.

How to use Mind Lab Pro?

There are 60 capsules per Mind Lab Pro pack. The recommended dosage is 2 capsules per day. However, if the person is involved in a task that requires high cognitive demand, it’s safe to take a maximum of 4 capsules per day.

The intake amount should never exceed 4 capsules per day. Don’t take the second dosage before 6 hours. To reset the body’s tolerance to the supplements, take it for 5 days and then take a 2 days break, or take for 4 weeks and the follow up with a 1-week break.

Who should use Mind Lab Pro?

Those people who are already aquatinted with nootropics ingredients and have gained positive results can use it to boost their mental performance.

People who want to get all the cognitive functioning enhancers at their hand in one shot are good potential users.

All in all, Mind Lab Pro is best suited for healthy people who aren’t subtle to supplements and have taken these before and found no side effects.

Does Mind Lab Pro work?

The most frequently asked question is: Does it work? It absolutely works when taken correctly.

This supplement is a blend of 11 effective ingredients and has the potential to improve brain health. It helps improve blood circulation in the brain, boosts brain energy, and stimulate brain cells regeneration.

However, it is really difficult to tell whether it does improve cognitive performance or not, as everyone has a different brain. Some people say it worked wonderfully, as they felt more focused. Others are so sure about the cognitive performance part.

All this consider, the ingredients that make Mind Lab Pro are scientifically proven to be effective. Thus, it actually helps with memory, mindset (increased creativity), brain protection, brain frog, learning, relaxation, improve mood, and lessens stress, Weight Loss and anxiety. But it will certainly do so in different ways for different people.

On average, you should know by simply taking two capsules a day, as it enhances mental performance within just two weeks. Testing it is certainly worth the try in our opinion.

Packaging & Pricing: where to buy online Mind Lab Pro?

Mind Lab Pro comes in fine packaging in a sealed bottle.

Price-wise it comes in three packages. You may choose the one that fits your needs better. The cost of a package for a month’s supply is $65, and for a two month supply, $130. A four-month supply is $195, which is the best deal.

It is not available on Amazon, so don’t look for it there!

Mind Lab Pro Discount Code: Can You Get It?

Thinking if Mind Lab Pro is giving away discount codes to their customers. Sadly, the answer is no. Currently, there are no coupons or discount codes available. But that doesn’t mean you cannot save on buying this supplement. Actually, you can easily save up to $65, Buy 3 Bottle and Get 3 Free Offer without having a Mind Lab Pro coupon.

Mind Lab Pro has barely any side effects.

The only side effects caused by nootropic drugs are mild anxiety due to the presence of additives. However, the first one has not even such side effect as it doesn’t have any: no additives, no caffeine. All the ingredients are well encapsulated in pure vegan plant caps. The only possible side effects that might occur on rare occasions are slight gastrointestinal disorders or insomnia.

There is no need to worry about that, as such symptoms can be resolved by increasing water intake and sticking to the prescribed dosage. If symptoms don’t resolve within 1-2 days, simply stop using it and consult a health provider. If you are using any medication, always consult your doctor prior to taking this supplement.

What are the advantages of Mind Lab Pro?

Mind Lab Pro is something worth considering due to the number of benefits it provides. It is made up of 11 ingredients that are well known for their positive effects in the nootropic industry. Instead of taking all these essential elements separately for improving cognitive functioning, you simply take a supplement.

It easy to take them in 1 single capsule. The bottle in which these capsules are enclosed is 100 % BPA-free, making it even more trustworthy to use. It is gluten and additives free. Cognizin and Sharp-PS Green are two ingredients of Mind Lab that boosts short term memory.

It is claimed that this product enhances blood flow to the brain by delivering oxygen and nutrients to it, and therefore reducing mental fatigue. It is really helpful if you take it after a long tiring and stressed day at work.

Are there any Mind Lab Pro alternatives?

There are other well-known nootropics available in the market, but they are simply not as good.

However, below is a comparison with similar supplements in the nootropic industry with Mind Lab pro.

Alpha Brain vs. Mind Lab Pro:

The first and most famous is Alpha Brain is a blend of 12 ingredients that have proven to be beneficial in improving memory only. However, it has roughly the same price. Both are beneficial and effective, but Mind Lab Pro goes beyond.

Mind Lab Pro vs. Qualia:

Qualia takes 42 ingredients, some of which are the same as its competitor. The amount of ingredients increases the chances of side effects. Moreover, it is more expensive and costs $6.77 per day, in comparison to Mind Lab Pro that only costs $2.50 per day.

Reviews from Mind Lab Pro Consumers

Mind Lab Pro one of the best rated supplements in the nootropic market. You can find many customers who have used the supplement and gave very promising and positive views about it.

We tried to analyze expert opinions on this supplement, provided by physicians on the Internet: the vast majority spoke in favor of Mind Lab Pro, saying that they completely trust the formula and the ingredients. They found it helpful with little to none side effects.

Conclusion to our Mind Lab Pro review: is it worth it?

Many people are using nootropics for their benefits around the globe. Mind Lab Pro has made its place among other popular supplements, and rightfully so.

Blend of well researched and 100 % natural ingredients with proven benefits in increasing cognitive abilities. The manufacturer, Performance Lab, claims it helps with memory, mindset (increased creativity), brain protection, brain frog, learning, relaxation, improve mood, and lessens stress and anxiety. Above all the manufacturer offers a refund policy if you are not happy. It doesn’t really get any better than that. Thus, in our review of Mind Lab Pro, we simply this it is the best out there. Give it a try and you should see for yourself!