LumaSlim Review – The Fat Burning Breakthrough Supplement

lumaslim review

Let us Start LumaSlim Review : As we get older, and as life gets busier, it can be hard to keep up with our weight loss efforts. For many of us, the idea of starving ourselves or exercising for hours every day just isn’t an option. We cannot afford to be investing that much time, or going through the dregs of calorie deficit states, just to trim off a few inches on our waist line.

It doesn’t have to be this way either. For years now, the supplement industry has been producing high quality products that enable us to shed that weight in a safe and healthy manner. All while still being able to keep up with the busy reality that is adult life.

We’ve been keeping track of the supplement industry over the past decade, watching the trends within it change and evolve. With a shift towards more all-natural, 100% safe products taking the forefront of the shelves. Many of these products promise immense, unrealistic results, with no real track record to base these claims. Weight loss supplements are some of the worst offenders of this trend.

Yet one supplement that has caught our eye is LumaSlim, an all-natural weight loss dietary supplement that has been quickly making a name for itself. Developed by a reputable supplement group, and based on a foundation of solid science, we wanted to learn more.

We went out and picked up LumaSlim, with the intention to look deeper into the supplement. We wanted to know what it does, how it works, and what is inside the LumaSlim formula to make it so effective.

What is LumaSlim?

lumaslimLumaSlim is a dietary weight loss supplement that uses only all-natural ingredients. The supplement is manufactured in an FDA approved facility, and has been on the market for quite some time.

The supplement is designed to address an underlying issue that causes us to put on weight as we age, our hormones. As we grow older, regardless of gender, we begin to develop hormone imbalance. The reasons for this are slightly different in both men and women, but the end result is the same.

Hormonal imbalance causes more weight gain around the abdominal, hips, and upper chest areas. As well as causing insulin resistance, which when left unchecked, will cause your body to store more ingested calories into fat reserves than is normal.

LumaSlim works to activate Hormone Sensitive Lipasa (HSL), which is a natural response in the body to hormone imbalance. HSL is commonly activated when we are younger, but as we age, it becomes less likely to take effect.

Furthermore, LumaSlim also comes packed with a range of natural ingredients that cause appetite suppression. Helping us to curb snacking habits, and consume less calories in a day.

How Does LumaSlim Work?

The amount of fat our bodies carry is effected by a range of factors. From genetics, body chemistry, and hormone levels. The hardest fat to burn is visceral adipose tissue, which is the fat that collects around our waist area.

For many of us carrying too much fat, and attempting to lose weight, we will put ourselves under a lot of stress to slim down. This stress placed on the body will release another hormone, cortisol, making it harder to burn off our fat reserves and instead draining us of all of our energy for no benefit. This is the key reason we often feel exhausted for days after exercise, as our bodies are not using our fat reserves to replenish our energy.

When you begin taking LumaSlim, three things will happen. Most notably, you’ll have your appetite suppressed, which will help with snacking habits, but also to keep your hunger in check so your body makes use of your fat reserves with what is to come.

Next, your body will begin to activate HSL, and your sex hormone levels will slowly return to a more balanced state. This has a slightly different effect on men or women, but the end result is the same. Better hormone balance will lead to higher energy levels, better mood, and fat reserves being prioritized for burning within the body.

Lastly, not only do balanced hormones help to alleviate stress, but many of the ingredients inside LumaSlim also help. This will help you to keep your stress levels down as you burn fat, curbing the body’s natural response to release cortisol. Meaning that your cortisol levels won’t get in the way of your fat burning.

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LumaSlim – The Ingredients

It’s important that we take a moment to step back and look more closely at the ingredients that make up LumaSlim. The supplement is packed full of a wide range of natural ingredients, and they all play a role, however we will look more closely at the activate ingredients that work to supply you with the key benefits of the supplement.

These include:

Arctic Root

Arctic root is one of the most important ingredients inside the LumaSlim formula. The Artic root is extracted from the root of the RhodiolaRosea plant, and is responsible for activating the HSL process within the body.

On top of this, the root is also a powerful anti-oxidant, improves cognitive function, and alleviates stress, anxiety, and depression. It’s no wonder this ingredient is found in the highest concentration of all other ingredients inside LumaSlim.

Lily Root

Lily Root, which is extracted from the Japanese Voodoo Lily, is incredibly dense in glucomannan, which is a dietary fibre. The high concentration of this dietary fibre is not uncommon in weight loss supplements, as it works to supress your hunger for long periods of time.

It also helps to manage symptoms of high cholesterol, diabetes, and constipation.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid, despite what the name suggests, is a naturally occurring acid found in food such as broccoli, potatoes, and liver. It’s a powerful antioxidant, and works to prevent oxidation in the body that can cause free radicals.

Furthermore, Alpha Lipoic Acid works to expand your stomach and make you feel full for longer. Providing an extended suppressed appetite after eating.


BioPerine is extracted from black pepper, and naturally boosts your absorption of other nutrients ingested into the body. This ingredient works as a foundational ingredient to assist your body better absorb the all-natural formula of LumaSlim.

As well as this, BioPerine also raises your body temperature and assists in breaking down fat cells in the body, which feeds into your weight loss efforts.

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How Long Does LumaSlim Take To Show Results?

As LumaSlim is an all-natural formula, and works to correct many underlying factors that cause weight gain. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. However, we have studied user reviews, and added our own experiences to give you an idea.

The majority of users saw effects after the first three weeks, with almost every user seeing results within the eight week mark. This will all depend on your diet, activity level, and hormonal imbalance to begin with.

The level of weight loss is also tied to your overall size as well. Those carrying more weight around their chest will lose it faster, whereas people who are more fit will need to work a little harder to lose a fraction of the weight.

Is LumaSlim Safe?

Absolutely. LumaSlim is only made with all-natural, refinement-free ingredients. This means that there are no side effects associated with the product. We checked everywhere online to see if anybody has any negative reactions with the supplement, and it doesn’t appear to be the case.

The worst ill-effect even remotely associated with the supplement is one that all natural dietary supplements suffer from. Taking the pill on an empty stomach may cause slight discomfort for a few minutes. This can be negated by simply making sure to have a snack or meal when you take your daily dosage.does lumaslim work

LumaSlim – Recommended Dosage

It’s quite a simple regiment to get down. Each bottle of LumaSlim will come with sixty capsules, which will last you one month. You should take two pills every morning, with water and a meal.

You do not have to take LumaSlim with a meal, but due to the all-natural formula, it is recommended to help with nutrient absorption.

Where Can I Buy LumaSlim?

You can pick up LumaSlim from their website and it is recommended you only source it directly from the supplier. This is because not only do you get the best deals, but all purchases come with a 60-day money back guarantee.

One bottle of LumaSlim will cost you $69.95, but the price goes down for more bulk orders. For two bottles, it will only cost you $59.95 per bottle, and for four bottles it will only cost you $49.95 per bottle.

Our Final Verdict

Within the supplement industry, there is no greater chance to find a black sheep product than in the weight loss business. Thankfully, LumaSlim is not one of those products. A powerful, effective, and affordable weight loss solution for people looking to shave off a little extra weight.

If you’re looking to take a more proactive step in your weight loss efforts, then we couldn’t recommend LumaSlim enough. Give it a try, and start enjoying the results!

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