Keravita Pro Review – The All-Natural Way to Keep Your Nails and a Healthy

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As we get older, keeping our hair and nails in a healthy shape can be a struggle. Fungal infections build up, and our bodies have a harder time providing the nutrients required to keep everything healthy.

For as long as there has been struggles with our nails and hair, there have been a plethora of home remedies designed to help. The truth, as many of us know, is that these remedies are often ineffective and require considerable effort to perform. Or if they are effective, they cost more than their benefits are worth.

It’s for this frustrating reason that we have stumbled across Keravita Pro, an all-natural dietary supplement designed to improve the health of your nails and hair. The supplement is comprised of powerful active ingredients that help you fight off fungal infections, and retain shiny and heathy hair and nails.

To make sure Keravita Pro wasn’t just another home remedy, we wanted to pick up the supplement for ourselves and learn more about it. We wanted to see what’s inside it, who made it, and what you can expect from using the supplement.

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Keravita Pro – An Overview

keravita pro reviewKeravita Pro was developed by Benjamin Jones, a researcher in the medical industry for the past seventeen years. His primary focus was hair and nail health, specifically how fungal infections take root and cause damage.

With a long career of knowledge under his belt, Jones developed Keravita Pro. A supplement designed to provide a complete support network for your nail and hair health. His research focused on the ingredients that would provide the most powerful benefits to that cause.

Looking at Keravita Pro itself, the formula is designed as a multi-stage treatment that targets both fungal infections at their root cause, and provides a range of nutrients that improve the overall health of your nails and hair.

Yet how do you know you need Keravita Pro? Let’s take a closer look.

How Do You Know If You Have Nail Fungus?

You can easily check if you have nail fungus by looking for a few key symptoms that exhibit themselves. These include:

  • One or more of your nails appear to have thickened
  • Your nails have a yellow or brown texture to them
  • Your nails hurt when you touch them
  • The skin around your nails is red, itchy, and sensitive to touch
  • Your nails are oddly shaped, often compared to your other (more healthy) nails
  • The nails have a nasty smell to them

This will all point to your suffering from nail fungus. This is most common on the toenails, however in rare cases can also appear on our fingernails. Due to the high frequency that we wash our hands, fungus rarely takes root in our fingernails. Although it is possible.

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How Do You Know If You Have Unhealthy Hair?

Unhealthy hair can take many forms, although there is a common set of symptoms to look out for. These include:

  • Brittle, dry, and flaky scalp. Often with a lot of dandruff
  • A lack of shine and colour to your hair
  • A large amount of split ends
  • Excess hair falling out
  • Soreness and irritation of the scalp
  • Sensitivity to touch, pulsating from the roots

All of these symptoms point to you having unhealthy hair, and specifically unhealthy roots. All of which will be supported by the Keravita Pro formula, providing your hair with the correct nutrients to once again reserve these symptoms.

The Ingredients of Keravita Pro

When it comes to any all-natural supplement, it’s important we take a moment to step back and look more closely at the formula that makes it up. Keravita Pro is absolutely packed full of ingredients, so we will list them here.

  • Vitamin C 30mg
  • Quercetin 50mg
  • Pine Back 100mg
  • Pomegranate 50mg
  • Grape Seed 100mg
  • ARA-6 20mg
  • Olive Leaf Extract 50mg
  • Essiac Tea Complex 100mg: Indian Rhubarb, Burdock Powder, Sheep Sorrel Powder, and Slippery Elm Powder
  • Mushroom Complex 80mg: Shitake, Reishi, and Maitake
  • Vitamin E 30IU
  • Selenium 20mcg
  • Graviola 300mg
  • Red Raspberry Juice Extract 200mg
  • Green Tea 200mg
  • Beta-Glucan 100mg
  • Curcumin 100mg
  • Cat’s Claw 20mg
  • Garlic 20mg
  • Panax Ginseng 20mg
  • Lycopene 2mg

All of these ingredients play a complex role in tackling fungal infections, and improving the overall health of your nails and hair in the process. Many key ingredients are part of many commercial medicines for this already, whilst others are lesser known, but equally effective all-natural remedies.

How Does Keravita Pro Work?

With all of the ingredients mapped out, let’s take a closer look at how the supplement actually works. As you take the supplement, it will progressively digest into your bloodstream. This will begin the eight phase treatment plan of Keravita Pro.

These phases are:

Phase One: The ingredients inside the Keravita Pro formula begin to absorb into your body, and begin to saturate into your blood stream and fat cells. This saturation process usually at least takes one week to fully begin.

Phase Two: Two of the ingredients, Beta-Glucan and ARA-6, will first begin by dissolving toxins in your liver and blood stream. Furthermore, ARA-6 will begin to seek out fungus infections in your system and eliminating them.

Phase Three: The third phase is a blood purification process. Active ingredients Garlic, Cat’s Claw, and Curcumin will begin to dissolve toxic fungus cells that are wreaking havoc in your system. They do this through a complex isolation process that triggers white blood cell responses.

Phase Four: From here your skin will begin to respond too many of the active ingredients inside Keravita Pro. Lycopene and Quercetin will both work to provide anti-inflammatory properties, and begin to heal the surface of your skin. Together, these two ingredients will also provide more oxygen in your blood stream.

Phase Five: In the fifth stage, Olive Leaf and Pomegranate will target your hands and feet specifically. They will remove fungus growths, and restore moisture and firmness to your skin’s surface.

Phase Six: At this stage, it’s about protection. The active ingredients Pine-Bark, Graviola, and Selenium will continue to restore the moisture to your skin, and start a cell regeneration process that heals your skin and prevents further fungus growth.

Phase Seven: In this stage, a range of active ingredients (Red Raspberry Juice, Vitamin C, Vitamin E) provide protection for bacteria build-up in your lungs, and restore the health of your hair and follicles.

Phase Eight: In the final stage, Green Tea and Panax Ginseng boost your immune system. Helping to prevent further infection, and retain the benefits of Keravita Pro.

How Long Does Keravita Pro Take to Work?

As with all natural supplements, there is no true answer to this question. As it relies heavily on how quickly the natural ingredients digest into your system. This depends on genetics, activity levels, and overall health.

The general rule of thumb, according to our research, is that the vast majority of users go through the entire eight phases of Keravita Pro after three weeks. With only a few outliners stating it took them between four to six weeks.

Is Keravita Pro Safe?

Absolutely. Keravita Pro is an all-natural formula, and has no side-effects tied to its use. From the customer reviews, to the industry studies conducted on the supplement. No ill-effects have ever been recorded.

Keravita Pro – Dosage

The dosage regiment of Keravita Pro is quite simple. One bottle will come with thirty capsules. Simply take one capsule per day, every day, with a meal and water. It does not matter at what time you take the supplement, however a meal is recommended to avoid an upset stomach caused by the all-natural ingredients.

It’s important to remember: More does not equal better results! So don’t take more pills expecting better results.

Where Can I Buy Keravita Pro?

You can buy Keravita Pro from their website. You can pick up one month’s supply of the supplement, which is one bottle, for $69. However, you will get a discount for more bulk purchases. For three months it will only cost you $59 per bottle, and for six months it will only cost you $49 per bottle.

All orders from their website come with a 60 day money back guarantee, and free shipping. What’s not to love about that?

Final Verdict

There is no end to the home remedies, and baseless magic pills, designed to help improve the health of your hair and nails. Thankfully Keravita Pro is not one of those products, and stands on a foundation of proven results and happy customers.

If you’re looking to take a more proactive approach to improving the health of your hair and nails, give Keravita a try! Your orders come protected by a 60 day money back guarantee, so there is no harm in trying.

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