Joint pain is a harsh reality of the aging process, and for some, even for their entire lives. Joint health is an often overlook part of our physical make-up, and it can be frustrating finding proper medical support for improving the health of our joints.

There are two key industries out there that specialize in helping to improve our joints. The medical industry, and the fitness industry.

The medical industry has long pushed powerful drugs, often with harsh side effects, to patients looking to improve their joint health. Whilst the fitness industry leans on their tried-and-true formula of more exercise to improve our joints.

Whilst neither of these approaches are incorrect, it does often leave people looking for a more flexible solution. It’s for this reason that Joint N-11 was developed, an all-natural supplement designed to help improve, and support, healthy joints and flexibility.

Joint N-11 is quickly rising in popularity online, and is being shipped to thousands all over the world. With such wide-spread success, we wanted to look deeper into the supplement itself.

We picked up Joint N-11, with the intension of learning what it is, what’s inside it, and the science behind its breakthrough joint support formula.

Read on to see our in-depth review of the Joint N-11 supplement!

What is Joint N-11?

Joint N-11 is an all-natural dietary supplement designed to help improve the health of your joints. As well as deliver a range of other health benefits to help with your flexibility and mobility.

The creators behind Joint N-11 wanted to create a natural solution to the debilitating reality of joint pain. This includes the pain, lack of motion, and quick decline of the body’s ability to support itself once joint pain occurs long term.

The formula behind Joint N-11 has been developed out of decades of research into natural ingredients and compounds, all proven to assist with joint pain specifically.

Can Joint N-11 Replace Exercise or Prescribed Medicine?

The answer to this question is both yes, and no. Allow us to explain.

Joint pain, and the source of joint damage, is often unique to the person experiencing it. For many joint related injuries, exercise and medical solutions are important, and can help significantly.

For other joint pain, such as joint pain related to the aging process, exercise may not be a suitable option. As added strain on the body may worsen the issue. In this context, Joint N-11 is a fantastic replacement.

What Are the Core Benefits of Joint N-11?

Let’s explore the core benefits that you can expect from using Joint N-11:

Joint N-11 will help to improve your flexibility, and mobility, especially around areas that you are experiencing joint pain.

The supplement will help to ease joint pain, and target the underlying cause of your pain. This includes inflammation, hyper-tension, and more.

Joint N-11 will drastically improve your body’s ability to repair injured joints.

The supplement will improve nerve communication, as well as work to repair nerve damage. Nerve damage is the most common reason for joint pain.

The Ingredients Inside Joint N-11

Let’s explore the ingredients that make up the Joint N-11 formula. There are six active ingredients inside Joint N-11, these include:


Niacinamide is a B type vitamin, and has long been linked to helping with joint pain. It is not surprising to find it included here.

This B vitamin has been shown to help improve conditions such as osteoarthritis, as well as improve nerve connectivity in the body.

On top of this, Niacinamide provides a range of anti-inflammatory properties. Helping the body deal with hypertension, and injection, centred around the joints.


Turmeric is one of the most powerful natural ingredients inside the Joint N-11 formula, when it comes to anti-inflammatory properties.

Much like Niacinamide, Turmeric will help to ease swelling in the body, and repair cases of hypertension.

Whilst research has often linked Turmeric with lower back pain relief, it can also be used for joint pain. As the key reason for a majority of joint pain is a case of hypertension, or inflammation, around the nerve endings in the joints themselves.

Basil Leaf Powder

Basil Leaf Powder is a surprising ingredient to find within the Joint N-11 formula. It provides anti-inflammatory properties, much like many of the other ingredients, however its inclusion is not for this reason.

This natural ingredient is a powerful painkiller, and will help to soothe the pain coming from nerve related joint pain.


Rosemary is one of the oldest natural medicines when it comes to muscle pain. Whilst not all joint pain cases stem from muscle pain in the area, it is almost always a result of prolonged joint pain. This is especially true for joint pain in the knees.

Rosemary will help to remove the muscle pain, and indirectly help to remove the hypertension that occurs when a muscle is in a lot of pain.

Furthermore, this will also stop spasms, if you experience them. As removing the muscle pain, will remove the nerve response to spasm.


Bioperine, derived from black pepper, is a powerful extract that has a wide range of health benefits. This is especially true for muscle pain, and nerve damage.

However, at the level it is included, these effects will be minor. The key reason for Bioperine’s inclusion in the Joint N-11 formula is due to its ability to speed up digestion.

Since the Joint N-11 formula relies on your ability to digest natural ingredients, any assistance is welcome when it comes to more effectively digesting a wide array of natural ingredients.

Soy Lecithin

The inclusion of Soy Lecithin is a puzzling one. As the ingredient does not provide any direct support for joint pain, whether that be on the muscle or nerve level.

What Soy Lecithin does provide is a range of support for heart health, and bad cholesterol levels. This will, indirectly, help your body on many levels.

In some cases, the reason for joint pain can often be tied directly to our body’s ability to circulate blood. Cholesterol and heart health play a large role in that equation.

Is Joint N-11 Safe?


Joint N-11 uses only all-natural ingredients, and there are no side-effects linked to the use of the supplement.

Before coming onto the market, Joint N-11 underwent independent industry and clinical trials to ensure its safety. Furthermore, the supplement has been used by thousands all over the world.

In neither of these cases has a single side-effect ever been reported.

It’s important to note: If you are under the age of eighteen, or pregnant, it is not recommended that you take Joint N-11. This is not unique to the supplement, and is instead a guideline that all supplements follow.

How Long Does Joint N-11 Take to Provide Support?

Due to the Joint N-11 supplement using an all-natural formula, the answer to this question will be slightly different for everyone. As Joint N-11 needs time to properly digest into your system before the effects take root.

However, we can establish a median that will most likely be your experience. Joint N-11 will take effect between two to four weeks after your first dosage, with the entire spectrum of its benefits being felt after eight weeks of use.

How Do I Take Joint N-11?

Taking Joint N-11 is a quite straight forward affair, and the dosage regiment is a flexible one.

Simply take two capsules per day, split by at least six hours, with water and a meal. It is recommended to always take the supplement with a meal, and at least 6oz of water, to ensure the best digestion.

In the event you take the supplement without a meal, you may experience a slightly upset stomach. Whilst this is harmless, it does render much of the natural ingredients far less effective.

Where Can I Buy Joint N-11?

You can buy Joint N-11 from its website. One bottle of the supplement will cost you $49.99, with a shipping cost.

The creators behind Joint N-11 provide a discount for more bulk purchase, and better (and cheaper) shipping options as well.

Due to the supplement being protected by a 60-day money back guarantee, it is a good idea to first trial the supplement with a one-month package. If you’re happy with the results, then buy in bulk to save yourself some extra money.

Our Final Verdict

It is rare that we see supplements tailored towards helping to improve joint health, which is why looking into Joint N-11 has been a delight. We wanted to make sure that any supplement, especially an all-natural one, came with solid evidence of its benefits.

Thankfully, that is absolutely the case with Joint N-11. The formula behind this supplement is a powerful and reliable support for those looking to improve their joint health, and flexibility.

No matter if you’re looking to protect your joints in old age, or simply protect your joints as you get older, Joint N-11 is the gold-standard in all-natural joint protection and repair.