DentaForce Review – The All-Natural Oral Health Supplement Break Through

There are many facets of our health that we take time to protect. Whether that be our muscle health, joint health, blood pressure, cholesterol, our weight, or even our mental health. Yet, for many of us, there is one aspect of our health that is often left forgotten.

We are talking about oral health. The health of our gums, teeth, and saliva is often a seriously neglected part of our health concerns. This can lead to us ignoring it up until the point of severe pain.

For many of us, a trip to the dentist is an expensive and stressful experience. One that we try to avoid at all costs. Yet what if there was another way to protect your teeth, and never see a dentist again?

A revolutionary supplement by the name of DentaForce is making a name for itself over the past few years, designed to help people protect their oral health, and keep their teeth in top shape well into our senior years.

To learn more about DentaForce, we decided to pick up the supplement ourselves. With the intension of learning what it is, what’s inside it, what it provides, and the science behind how it works.

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What Is DentaForce?

DentaForce is an all-natural dietary supplement that helps to improve our oral health. It does this through a complex formula that targets our teeth, our gums, and our saliva, helping to cultivate a healthier oral environment.

The supplement itself is the result of years of work from the creators. Combining both nutritional experience with a selection of dental experts that were brought on to help formulate DentaForce.

Since coming onto the market, DentaForce has been exponential growth in popularity. Quickly becoming one of the most popular oral health supplements on the market, and rising up to a gold-standard reputation in the industry.

How Does DentaForce Work?

DentaForce works in a three-stage process, targeting the primary cause for oral health decline, bacteria in the mouth.

Firstly, it works to reverse the acidic nature of your saliva. It does this through a range of ingredients that work to rebalance the acidic levels your saliva produces.

Secondly, it released a range of natural compounds that help to soak up the bacteria in your mouth. This, along with brushes, helps to cleanse your mouth of harmful bacteria.

Lastly, it targets the root cause of poor oral health. It actively works to protect, and destroy, bacteria build-up in the mouth. Promoting long-term oral protection, and improved oral health.

What Is Inside DentaForce?

Let’s take a moment to break down the ingredients inside DentaForce itself. As the effectiveness of the supplement hinges on the ingredients inside.

There are a wide range of active ingredients inside DentaForce, this includes:

Milk Thistle (200mg)

Milk thistle provides a range of anti-cariogenic and anti-fungal properties, meaning that oral pathogens such as Enterococcus faecalis, Candida albicans, Streptococcus mutans, Staphylococcus aureus, and Lactobacillus acidophilus will be eliminated.

This ingredient is also known to help with the treatment of periodontitis.

Beetroot (50mg)

Beetroot is a natural ingredient that helps with a range of inorganic nitrates that improve overall oral health. Specifically, it helps to slow the growth of acid-producing bacteria in plaque.

Artichoke (50mg)

Artichoke is rich in a wide range of antioxidants, which play a key role in helping to eliminate bacteria from the mouth, and boosting your immune system in the process.

Chanca Piedra (50mg)

Chanca Piedra comes loaded with a wide range of anti-inflammatory properties. This helps to increase urine flow, kill harmful bacteria and viruses, and relieving inflammation.

Dandelion Root (50mg)

Dandelion Root helps to slow the growth of disease-causing bacteria in the mouth, as well as all over the body. More specifically, it contains a high level of calcium, which improves tooth strength, and removes the acidic content from your saliva.

Chicory Root (50mg)

Chicory Root is rich in antimicrobial effects, helping to fight off bacteria in your saliva and mouth, and rid your entire oral region of harmful bacteria build up. The ingredient is also linked with an impressive range of general health benefits as well.

Yarrow Flower (50mg)

Yarrow provides a range of health benefits, most notably its ability to lower blood pressure levels, improve circulation and relieve gut health. Furthermore, it provides anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and astringent properties, and helps to treat a wide range of oral conditions.

Jujube (50mg)

Jujube provides a wide range of anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties. This works to directly combat bacteria build up in the mouth, and protect your oral health from future build up issues. Furthermore, Jujube helps to remove the acidic nature of your saliva.

Zinc (30mg)

Zinc is well-known for providing an incredibly wide range of health benefits. Within the context of DentaForce, it helps to improve cellular regeneration, and fight off harmful bacteria that builds up in our mouth.

Celery Seeds

Celery Seeds are the primary ingredient within DentaForce for helping to improve the quality of our saliva, and promote a healthier PH balance within. This will remove the acidic damage your saliva causes, and protect your oral health as a result.


Alfalfa is well documented in medical studies for helping to improve tissue regeneration. This is incredibly important for gum related issues, as gums growing back is quite a long, and often easily halted process.

Yellow Dock (50mg)

Yellow dock is an herbal extract known for a wide range of medical applications. However, within the context of DentaForce, it operates much the same as Alfalfa. Promoting tissue regeneration that assists with a wide range of gum related issues.


Methionine is a sulfur-containing amino acid, and is essential for protein and molecule-building processes all throughout the body. It won’t surprise you to learn that this plays a key role in how our oral health regenerates, especially when it comes to our gums, enamel, and teeth.


Grapeseed extract is rich in a wide range of antioxidants, and is essential for protecting the body from bacterial infections. The presence of grapeseed within this formula helps to protect your oral health against bacterial attacks.

N-Acetyl-Cysteine & L-Cysteine

Both of these amino acids are one of the key active ingredients inside this formula, and are found within many commercial toothpastes all over the world. They assist by providing the nutrient building blocks for the mouth to rebuild tissue, fight off bacterial overload in the mouth, and restore gum health.


Feverfew is a natural compound rich in a wide range of anti-inflammatory properties, helping the body to repair itself, and fight off inflammation.

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Does DentaForce Have Side-Effects?

No, DentaForce is completely safe.

Due to the all-natural formula behind DentaForce, there are no risks involved with taking the supplement.

To add to this, the supplement has been sold to thousands all over the world. No side-effects have ever been reported as a result of taking DentaForce.

How Long Does DentaForce Take to Work?

Sadly, the answer to this question is somewhat flexible. As the supplement relies heavily on your personal ability to digest the natural formula. So, your personal experience may be different to others.

Coupled with this, is how we view results when it comes to our oral health. You may need far greater results to kick in before feeling the supplement is “working”.

However, for the vast majority of users, you’ll notice a difference after four weeks of use. With more powerful benefits taking root around the eight-to-twelve-week mark.

DentaForce – Recommended Dosage

Each bottle of DentaForce comes with sixty capsules, and is designed to last you one month.

For optimal results, take two capsules per day, evenly spread out through the day. It is recommended to pair these dosages with your first, and last, major meal of the day.

Always take the supplement with a meal, as this will help significantly with digestion.

Where Can I Buy DentaForce?

You can buy DentaForce from its official website.

One bottle of the supplement will cost you $69, and come with a small shipping fee. The creators behind DentaForce provide discounts for more bulk purchase, including a $59 per bottle price tag for a two-month package, and $49 per bottle for a six-month package.

Since all orders are protected by a 60-day money back guarantee, it is recommended to first trial the supplement with a one-month package. If you’re happy with the results, buy in bulk to save money.

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Our Final Verdict

It’s not often we come across a supplement designed to improve your oral health, and for that reason, we wanted to make sure to dive deeply into the effects that DentaForce provides.

Our research shows that DentaForce is an impressive all-natural solution to improving your oral health. Providing a revolutionary all-natural formula, guaranteed results, and long-term protection.

If you’re looking to take back control of your oral health, and protect your teeth for years to come, then we couldn’t recommend DentaForce enough!