Belle Bella IPL Hair Removal Review – The Innovation in Hair Removal We’ve All Been Waiting for!

Hair removal is a part of our weekly grooming lives, and for many of us, even a daily task we need to get out of the way. For many of us, especially women, the amount of hair we need to remove is often significant.

The tried and tested tool of hair removal is razors, or clippers. These devices have existed in some form for hundreds of years. Whilst they are effective, they can also come with a degree of risk. As well as being significantly time consuming.

This reality has not gone unnoticed, and a new innovation in hair removal have quickly been rising in popularity over the past few years. A product known as Belle Bella, an IPL hair removal tool.

The Belle Bella has risen to be one of the most popular hair removal devices on the market, and has seen worldwide success.

With such a quickly rising popularity, we knew we had to get a closer look. So, we picked up the Belle Bella, and prepared our hairy legs to find out just how effective the Belle Bella really is.

Read on to see our in-depth review of the Bella Bella IPL Hair Removal device!

What is The Belle Bella Hair Removal System?

The Belle Bella is a hair removal device that uses a petite-shaped laser to help remove hair. It sports an expensive design, whilst providing itself at an affordable price. Not a common trend in the world of advanced hair removal devices.

The device uses IPL technology, and comes with six energy-level settings that help you to customize the intensity of the device. This means that it’s well suited to those delicate hairs, and even those stubborn ones as well.

Belle Bella, unlike many other IPL hair removal devices on the market, allows you to cover both small areas, and large. With a highly customizable design, and a laser-based technology that makes sure those hairs won’t be growing back for some time.

The Belle Bella is one of the highest rated IPL hair removal devices of its kind on the market, and is consistently rising in popularity all over the world.

What Comes Inside the Belle Bella IPL Hair Removal Kit?

The Belle Bella IPL hair removal device provides you with an extensive kit to help you make the most of the device. Let’s break down what we receive in our own Belle Bella IPL hair removal kit.

Inside you’ll kind the Belle Bella device itself, an adapter to charge the device, a user manual, and laser tested safety glasses.

The safety glasses are one of the most important additions to this kit. Providing you with a way to shield your eyes from any damage that you may face from looking into the IPL laser that the device uses to remove hair.

It’s important to note: That whilst these safety glasses are provided, and should absolutely be used, it is unlikely you’ll cause damage to your eyes with the Belle Bella device. To cause any serious harm, you would have to be shooting the device into your eyes for hours at a time.

That being said, it’s never a bad idea to be safe.

How Does the Belle Bella Device Work?

The Belle Bella IPL Hair Removal Device works around the central technology Intense Pulsed Light. The device emits an intense beam that works to heat up your skin, and kill hair follicles.

This results in a smooth and effortless shave around the area that you use the device, and helps to keep the hair away for a significant time. Some users may experience long term removal, whilst others may see their hair regrow in a few months.

According to the Belle Bella research and development team, it takes between three to four sessions each week, for two weeks, to see visible results.

It can also be used to break and shun the growth cycle of hair with consistent use.

Belle Bella – Exploring the Core Benefits

Let’s take a moment to break down the core benefits of the Belle Bella IPL Hair Removal device:

Permanent hair reduction

Within ten to twelve weeks, users will feel smoother skin, and notice less hair growth around the areas you use the device. The IPL machine helps to permanently reduce hair growth, and shun the hair cycle.

Treat fine lines and wrinkles

The IPL hair removal system is a non-invasive therapy that can help to treat several skin diseases. This includes helping to remove hair, treat wrinkles, and rejuvenate skin. In a medical application, IPL devices are used to treat vascular lesions.

Reduce spider veins and broken capillaries

Several clinical trials behind IPL devices have shown that they help to remove spider veins, and broken capillaries. As well as being highly effective in treating leg veins, and venous malformations on the skin’s surface.

These results often require months of use, and can differ with different complexions of skin.

Eliminates sun-damaged skin conditions

IPL devices also help to treat a range of dermatological conditions, reduce aging spots, and heal sun damage on the skin’s surface.
Much akin to the above benefit, these results require significant time to help present the results. However, after these results have been reached, they are often permanent.

Reduce acne and hyperpigmentation

The Belle Bella IPL device can help to treat acne vulgaris, scars, and several skin concerns. This will provide you with smoother skin, and improved skin health, as well. However, it is often reflected in clinical trials that these results take months to present themselves.

How Do I Use the Belle Bella?

The get the best results from the Belle Bella device, it is important to note how important following the guidelines of the device is. You will not see the results you are looking for if you don’t follow the instructions.

To use the Belle Bella device, there is a six-step method for you to follow. These instructions are designed for hair removal, however can be applied for any of the benefits you’re looking to achieve with the Belle Bella.

These six steps are:

Step 1: Before treating, shave visible hairs. (In case of waxing or using an epilator you must remove hair at least a day before the treatment).

Step 2: Click your desired mode (gentle for thin skin areas such as upper lip or underarm, full speed for larger areas such as leg or top-ups).

Step 3: Click the power mode on.

Step 4: Press the device on the area firmly and click the activation button.

Step 5: Move it steadily by gliding over the area. You will feel a warm sensation as Belle Bella flashes. Generally, it takes seven to ten minutes for treating facial hair or bikini areas while it takes 12 to 15 minutes for legs and top-ups.

Step 6: Switch off the device by clicking the same power bar and keep it unplugged.

Belle Bella – The Pros and Cons

Let’s break down the pros and cons of the Belle Bella device:


  • Provides you with unlimited flashes with the IPL technology
  • Safe for all skin tones
  • Suitable for full body
  • The process of hair removal is completely pain-free
  • The device is designed to last for years.
  • Affordable and provides you with payment plans
  • You are protected by a 2-year warranty
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Comes with UV protecting eyeglass
  • Create by an award-winning Dermatologist


You can only buy the Belle Bella device from their online store. Which can be frustrating for some people hoping to pick it up on other online retailers.

The device requires patience and persistence to obtain the desired results, which can be frustrating. However, if you stick with the recommended regiment, you will see results.

Is The Belle Bella Safe?


The Belle Bella device has been significantly tested to ensure consumer safety, and has been designed to prevent any harm coming to you as a result of using the device.

The laser technology behind Belle Bella is safe, and doesn’t threaten your health, or provide any risk to your skin. Outside of shooting the laser directly into your eyes for hours, there is no chance of harming yourself.

Where Can I Buy the Belle Bella Hair Removal Package?

You can buy the Belle Bella Hair Removal Package from its official website.

The total cost of the Belle Bella package is $117USD, with a small shipping fee included. The creators behind Belle Bella offer a range of payment options to help you afford the device.

You can pick a two, or four monthly payment plans. Making the device incredibly affordable.

Our Final Verdict

It’s not every day that we get to review a hair removal device, especially one as advanced as the Belle Bella Hair Removal Package.

With the technology behind hair removal often stuck in the dark-ages, it is refreshing to see this new breakthrough in hair removal.

Take back those shiny legs, and make hair removal a breeze, with the Belle Bella Hair Removal Package!