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There is a universal struggle that all men face, and it’s in their sex hormone levels. Low testosterone effects many more men than we assume, and it can have dreadful effects on their quality of life.

Since the inception of the supplement industry, there have been testosterone boosting solutions. It’s an old guard corner of the industry that hasn’t seen much innovation over the past decade.

Yet, one supplement has been getting a lot of attention lately. Using a revolutionary new method of not only boosting your testosterone, but doing so in an all-natural way. This supplement is known as Ageless-T, a way to boost testosterone if you’re 27 or 75. It doesn’t matter.

We always want to get a closer look at any supplement that is rising in popularity, and as such, as went out and picked up Ageless-T ourselves. We want to learn what it is, what’s inside it, what benefits it provides, and if there are any clinical trials backing up those benefits.

Read on to see our in-depth review of the Ageless-T supplement!

What Is Ageless-T?

Ageless-T Review – The Timeless Testosterone Boosting SolutionAgeless-T is a dietary supplement developed by Dr. Zane Sterling. It is designed as a natural testosterone booster for men of any age looking to raise their testosterone levels. It helps to create a revitalization complex within the body, by triggering an androgen cascade.

Dr. Sterling developed Ageless-T as an all-natural solution to testosterone boosting. With so many dangerous and unhealthy methods of boosting your testosterone out there, Dr. Sterling knew he had to develop a safer solution for men all over the world.

The supplement uses a formula that is designed around fixing underlying causes of low testosterone, as well as providing many ingredients that have been proven to increase sex hormone levels.

The supplement itself comes with an FDA approval, meaning it is manufactured to the highest standard of quality. Furthermore, all ingredients used within the Ageless-T formula are sourced from refinement-free options. Providing you the safest form of these extracts.

How Does Ageless-T Work?

how does ageless-t worksDr. Zane Sterling has selected a range of ingredients (Which we will explore deeper down below) that are proven with clinical studies to boost your testosterone levels. Each of these ingredients will directly produce more testosterone in your system.

Furthermore, several ingredients help to remedy many of the underlying causes of low testosterone. This is particularly important for men over the age of 35, as your body will naturally begin to slow down sex hormone production.

Through digestion of these ingredients, you will be able to enjoy higher testosterone levels, and all of the health benefits that come along with that.

The Benefits of Ageless-T

Let’s break down the core benefits of the Ageless-T supplement:

  • Ageless T has been significantly tested to provide a large boost to your natural testosterone levels.
  • Helps to solve incremental weight increase and muscle loss over time.
  • Provides a range of benefits that provides you from joint injury, as well as help to cure acute joint pain.
  • Raises your libido, providing you with a youthful sex drive once more.
  • The supplement will help to break down fat that is stubborn, and refuses to shed itself.
  • Provides a range of energy boosts, for both physical and mental needs.
  • Many ingredients inside the supplement help to improve the muscle tissue response. Meaning you can perform more with the same amount of muscle mass.
  • The Ageless-T supplement comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. Protecting you as a consumer.
  • Provides benefits in a timely manner.

The Ingredients of Ageless-T

It’s important that we take some time to break down the ingredients inside Ageless-T, and zero in on the beneficial properties that they provide. The Ageless-T supplement consists of five active ingredients, which form what is known as the Revitalization Complex.

Let’s break down these five ingredients one by one:

Eurycoma Longifolia

Eurycoma Longifolia is an herbal extract that provides a natural boost to your testosterone levels. Furthermore, it has been linked to helping with erectile dysfunction. It helps both of these issues by increasing the production of GnRH, an important natural compound that pushes the body to produce more sex hormone.

Shilajit Extract

Shilajit Extract is derived from eastern medicine, and has had significant clinical trials behind it in the modern age. It has been linked to higher GnRH levels in the brain, which in turn pushes your body to produce more testosterone.

On top of this, a high dose of this herb has been linked to higher sperm count, more intense orgasms, and longer lasting erections.

Safed Musli

Shiljat Extract is a natural herb compound that is a natural aphrodisiac. It helps to boost your libido, your testosterone levels, and provide a significant amount of energy for the body. On top of this, it has been linked to a range of immune boosting properties, which is a nice side benefit of the extract.

Pomegranate Extract

Pomegranate Extract has long been known in the world of testosterone boosting, and you’ll find it in almost every testosterone booster on the market. The extract helps produce the infant form of testosterone, known as Luteinizing testosterone. This in turn allows your body to mature more testosterone per cycle, and increase the total amount of testosterone you have in your system.

Pomegranate extract is also well known for improving digestion, balancing your mood, and regulating your blood pressure levels as well.


Ginger is an interesting ingredient to find within this formula, as it does not provide any direct boost to your testosterone. It does, however, provide relief for inflammation and stress, which can be key factors in your performance in bed.

Mineral Compounds

There is also a range of minerals included in the Ageless-T formula. These include: Zinc, Magnesium, and Baron.

None of these promote higher testosterone levels. However, they are vital to your overall health, and will assist you in a range of underlying health issues that often appear when you suffer from low testosterone.

This includes low energy levels, hair loss, muscle growth, mental health, and even hormone imbalance.

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Is Ageless-T Safe?

Absolutely. Ageless-T is made up of only all-natural ingredients, which means there are no ill-effects linked to the use of the supplement.

We have done our research, and not just looked into the clinical trials behind the supplement, but also customer experiences with Ageless-T. Over the thousands of customers who use the supplement worldwide, there have never been any reports of side-effects as a result of using it.

As with all supplements, not just Ageless-T, do not take this supplement if you are under the age of eighteen.

How Long Does Ageless-T Take to Show Results?

This will depend heavily on a few important factors. As the Ageless-T formula relies heavily on your ability to digest the ingredients inside to provide its benefits. If you are unfit, or older, this may contribute to a slower return on using the supplement.

However, there is a median we can trust. For the vast majority of users, you will begin to see results are the first four weeks of use. With only a very small percentage of users reporting effects after the six-to-eight-week mark.

It’s important to note: Patience will be a key factor in how you handle the Ageless-T regiment. Do not expect results on the same day as using the supplement.

How Do I Take Ageless-T?

Taking Ageless-T is an extremely simple and straight forward process. Simply take one capsule per day, with water and a meal.

It is important to always take the supplement with a meal, as this will help significantly with the digestion of the ingredients inside. It is not harmful to take it without a meal, you may just suffer from an upset stomach for a short time.

Do not take more of the supplement hoping for extra results. This is not how Ageless-T works. Simply stick to the recommended regiment, and you’ll be fine.

Where Can I Buy Ageless-T?

You can buy Ageless-T from its website. One month’s supply of the supplement will cost you $69.99. However, steep discounts will be offered to you for bulk purchase. The highest discount, offered with the six-month package, will provide you with a 35% discount overall.

Since all orders are protected by a two-month money back guarantee, it’s a good idea to first trial the supplement with the one-month package. If you’re happy with the results, then invest in the bulk packages to save money.

Our Final Verdict

There is no shortage of testosterone boosters, and male enhancement, products on the market today. So, it is quite hard for any new contender to stand out among the crowd these days.

However, we can absolutely see why Ageless-T is managing to make a name for itself. It uses a powerful all-natural formula, is honest about its results, and manages to provide its supplement at an affordable price.

If you’re looking to take back a slice of your youth, and get higher testosterone levels, then we couldn’t recommend Ageless-T enough!

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