Thrive Gluco 20 Review – A Healthy Way to Remedy High Blood Sugar?

As you get older, there are many health concerns that begin to plague your body. Whilst many are obvious, such as a slowdown in physical ability, and struggles with mental clarity, there is one that often goes unnoticed.

That is blood sugar levels. High blood sugar can cause a butterfly effect throughout your body, and can often be the underlying reason for a wide range of medical concerns later in life.

The medical industry has long been producing solutions for high blood sugar. However, they are often lacking when it comes to offering solutions that don’t come with severe side effects.

This has led many people to refrain from using blood sugar medication, and because of this, other medical industries have begun to manufacture solutions that avoid many of the ill-effects of mainstream blood sugar medication.

One of those is known as Thrive Gluco 20, an all-natural dietary supplement that works to bring down your blood sugar levels, and safe guard you from future health complications.

Today we’ll be looking into Thrive Gluco 20, with the intention of learning what it is, what’s inside it, how it works, and much more.

What Is Thrive Gluco 20?

Thrive Gluco 20 is an all-natural dietary supplement that helps to lower, and control, blood sugar levels in the body. It was created by Dr. Weis, who has decades of medical experience, as well as years of nutritional expertise at his back.

The formula behind Thrive Gluco 20 was the result of years of work, and combined a team of nutritional experts, with a range of medical researchers who were looking into how natural compounds effect blood sugar levels.

Since coming onto the market only a few years ago, Thrive Gluco 20 has seen a steady rise in popularity. It is now one of the most popular supplements of its kind, sitting comfortably in the top 5 blood sugar supplements on the market.

How Does Thrive Gluco 20 Lower Your Blood Sugar?

There are many elements within our physical health that can cause high blood sugar levels. However, Thrive Gluco 20 focuses on one certain element in particular.

Insulin resistance, a hormonal imbalance caused by excessive sugar consumption, results in the body not properly digesting glucose. Because of this, the body will digest sugar and directly place it into fat reserves, with leak out into our blood stream over time.

This causes a runaway effect to take place, keeping our blood sugar levels high. By removing insulin resistance, the body will process glucose more effectively, and remove it from the body.

There are also a range of ingredients inside Thrive Gluco 20 that help the body directly lower blood sugar levels as well. Let’s explore them down below.

The Ingredients Inside Thrive Gluco 20

As with any dietary supplement, the proof of its effectiveness lies within the ingredients that make up the supplement’s formula. So, let’s take some time to explore that formula within Thrive Gluco 20 in more detail.

There are several active ingredients inside Thrive Gluco 20, these include:

Cinnamon Bark Powder

This 50mg component is an effective tool for controlling blood sugar levels in the body. It improves your insulin sensitivity by activating the MHCP antioxidant. According to research, MHCP resembles natural insulin and can function even when insulin is not present.


Vanadium is a trace mineral that improves insulin sensitivity in beta cells. Every Gluco20 pill contains 200 mcg vanadium to ensure optimum absorption.


67 micrograms of chromium are particularly useful in glucose support because they boost insulin entry sites or cell receptors in beta cells, reducing insulin resistance. It ensures that your beta cells are well-nourished, resulting in improved energy levels and lower blood sugar levels. Because most diabetes people are deficient in this crucial vitamin, chromium is a key element.

Banaba Leaf

The Glucose transporters inside your cells are activated and supported by this 1% extract unique banaba leaf extract, allowing for quicker cellular absorption. It also promotes the absorption of chromium, which nourishes your cells and improves insulin sensitivity.

Gymnema Sylvestre

This component is essential for reducing the absorption of blood sugar from the digestive tract into the bloodstream. This 50 mg component keeps blood sugar levels in a healthy range at all times.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

30 mg of ALA combines with L-Taurine to provide powerful antioxidant benefits that support nerve function. Because ALA is water and fat soluble, it may easily reach your beta cells and neutralize harmful free radicals. It protects your nervous system while also improving the condition of your blood vessels.


This 25 mg supplement combines alpha-lipoic acid with other nutrients to improve and promote nerve health.


This extract reduces inflammation in beta cells by 10 mg. Insulin sensitivity improves as a result.

Cayenne Pepper

The anti-inflammatory effects of cayenne pepper are added to this formulation by the 10 mg of cayenne pepper in Gluco20.

Bitter Melon

Gluco20 also contains 50 mg of bitter melon extract. This extract supports low blood sugar levels by keeping beta cells healthy.

Juniper Berry

The 25 mg juniper berry extract provides anti-inflammatory properties to your beta cells’ natural defenses.

White Mulberry

White mulberry contains 25 mg of juniper berries, which helps to heal damaged cells and safeguard beta cells.

Yarrow Flowers

This 25 mg floral extract boosts insulin production by promoting self-healing in the pancreas.

Licorice Root

The active components of the other extracts and botanicals in Gluco20 are enhanced by 50 mg of Licorice extract. It also functions as a detoxifier, assisting in the removal of toxins from the pancreas while limiting bacterial development.


Most individuals are deficient in magnesium, which can contribute to pre-diabetic symptoms. Gluco20 includes 125 mg of magnesium, which is sufficient for glucose management, insulin action, and energy generation.


Many diabetics do not have enough zinc in their systems, resulting in obesity and increased hunger. To address these concerns, Gluco20 adds 7.5 mg of highly bioavailable zinc.


Biotin (300 mcg) was added to Gluco20 after various studies shown that it might aid in the treatment of peripheral neuropathy. That example, it guards you against nerve discomfort in your limbs caused by diabetes or renal failure.


Gluco20 contains 1 mg of manganese, which aids in the development of important pancreatic enzymes, ensuring effective pancreatic function and improved blood sugar regulation.

Vitamin C

Gluco20 contains 50 mg of vitamin C, often known as ascorbic acid, which aids with blood sugar stabilization.

Thrive Gluco 20 – Does It Have Side-Effects?

There are no known side-effects linked to the use of Thrive Gluco 20.

This is because all of the ingredients inside the supplement are completely natural, and have no history of causing any ill-effects in humans.

Dr. Weis conducted several third-party medical tests on the supplement, to ensure its safety. No test revealed any ill-effects linked with the use of the supplement.

The supplement is so safe, in fact, that it can be taken with other medications. Even other blood sugar medication is safe to be taken with Thrive Gluco 20.

How Do I Use Thrive Gluco 20?

Taking Thrive Gluco 20 is quite straight forward.

For optimal results, take two capsules per day, with your first major meal of the day. Whilst it’s not overly important when you have this first meal, it is important that you always take the supplement with food.

This is because the supplement needs to be properly be digested into your system, and a meal helps significantly with that.

How Long Does Thrive Gluco 20 Take to Work?

The effects of Thrive Gluco 20 will take between two to four weeks to present themselves. As the supplement needs time to properly digest into your system, and begin lowering your blood sugar levels.

Depending on your personal metabolic rate, these results may vary. However, from a study of over five hundred users of Thrive Gluco 20, this was the median timeframe for blood sugar levels to begin presenting themselves.

Where Can I Buy Thrive Gluco 20?

You can buy Thrive Gluco 20 from its official website.

There are a range of packages to choose from on the official Thrive Gluco 20 website, these include:

  • One bottle of Thrive Gluco 20 for $69 + Shipping.
  • Two bottles of Thrive Gluco 20 for $59 each + Free Shipping.
  • Four bottles of Thrive Gluco 20 for $44 each + Free Shipping.

All orders are protected by a 60-day money back guarantee.

Control Your Blood Sugar Levels with Thrive Gluco 20 Today!

Getting control of your blood sugar levels can be a struggle, and many people around the world are currently battling this very issue.

Thankfully, with Thrive Gluco 20, you don’t have to take on this extremely frustrating medical problem alone. With a history of proven, safe, and effective results, you can rely on Thrive Gluco 20 to have your back.

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