Men face a significant number of challenges as they get older, especially with their physical health. Whilst there are obvious ones that we are all aware of, there are also the declines we fail to notice.

One often overlooked struggle that men face is their prostate health, and with prostate cancer becoming more and more prevalent in men over fifty, taking your prostate health seriously could quite literally save your life.

Improving the health of your prostate, or helping to remedy an enlarged prostate, comes with a wide range of medical solutions. However, these often come with a long list of harmful side effects attached to them.

To help men improve the health of their prostate in a healthy, and risk-free manner, ProstaMend was created. An all-natural dietary supplement tailored to improve, and protect, your prostate.

ProstaMend has already gained a significant amount of attention in the market, and because of this, we thought it was important to look more closely.

We picked up ProstaMend, with the intension of learning what it is, what’s inside it, what benefits it provides, and the science behind its all-natural formula.

Read on to see our in-depth review of the Prosta Mend supplement!

What is ProstaMend?

ProstaMend is an all-natural dietary supplement designed to help improve the health of the prostate in men, as well as target many health issues with the prostate itself. The most common of these, and well known, is an enlarged prostate.

However, the supplement itself is designed as a complete package for prostate health. Meaning its effects can also help to protect its users from prostate infection, and even cancer.

The formula behind ProstaMend has been developed with years of research into natural ingredients and compounds. The formula itself has been especially crafted to target many of the underlying reasons for declining prostate health, especially in older men.

The creators have used their own supplement industry knowledge, and combined it with years of clinical trials on natural ingredients. As well as sourcing a wide range of medical science behind the prostate, and how to improve its health.

How Does ProstaMend Work?

The ProstaMend supplement works in a four-stage process to provide its benefits. The end result of this process is a healthier prostate, as well as treatment for many underlying factors of prostate conditions.

Let’s explore the four stages that you’ll undergo if you take Prosta Mend:

Stage One – Absorption

The first stage is quite simple. When you body suddenly intakes a large volume of natural ingredients, it will begin to absorb those ingredients into your system.

There are several ingredients included in Prosta Mend that help to speed up this process, which we will explore down below.

The absorption stage takes between one to two weeks, depending on your personal digestive health.

Stage Two – Flush

Once the ingredients of ProstaMend have been absorbed, your body will begin a flush process. The core of the ProstaMend formula is designed to target DHT, a harmful free radical that causes significant damage to your prostate.

You’ll begin to flush higher levels of DHT from your system, as well as utilize many of the natural ingredients that provide other underlying benefits to your prostate health.

Stage Three – Rejuvenation

Your body will struggle to heal itself if it is undergoing heavy flush cycles. So once your DHT levels are low, and your body has properly lowered its stress level, it will begin to heal itself naturally.

Many of the ingredients inside Prosta Mend are specifically chosen due to their absorption time. Because of this, many cellular and nerve healing ingredients will begin to take effect at this stage, despite being absorbed prior.

Stage Four – Shielding

Once you’ve gone through the complete ProstaMend process, at roughly six to eight weeks, you’ll now enter what is known as the shielding stage. It’s at this stage that the supplement will work to protect you from a future decline of your prostate health.

It accomplishes this by providing your body with a range of important fruit, plant, and mineral compounds, each tied to keeping your prostate healthy.

The Ingredients of ProstaMend

Let’s take a moment to break down the ProstaMend formula itself, and take a closer look at each of the natural ingredients inside.

The active ingredients inside ProstaMend include:

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is the main active ingredient inside ProstaMend. Clinical trials on the ingredient have shown that it is a powerful DHT blocker, as well as helping to protect your bladder against infections.

Furthermore, Saw Palmetto has been linked to stopping hair loss, increased metabolism, improved blood flow, and strengthened heart health as well. However, these benefits are not the core reason for its inclusion.

Asian Mushroom Extracts

The ProstaMend formula contains three Asian mushroom extracts. These include: maitake, reishi, and shiitake.

Each of these mushrooms is a powerful anti-oxidant, provide significant anti-inflammatory properties, and have been shown to assist in the health of your immune system.

However, the key reason for their inclusion is due to their heightened metabolism property. These mushrooms will help you to digest the natural ingredients inside Prosta Mend more effectively, and make the most out of the formula itself.

Fruit and Plant Extracts

ProstaMend uses a range of fruit and plant extracts, including red raspberry extract, PygeumAfricanum, Annona Muricata, and much more.

Each of these extracts has been added for much of the same reason. They are rich in vital nutrients, contain powerful anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-oxidant properties, and are all linked with improved prostate health.

Mineral Blend

The mineral blend found within ProstaMend includes zinc, copper, and selenium. These three minerals are not all that surprising to find within the Prosta Mend formula, as they are strongly tied with male health.

Each one of these minerals helps to improve prostate health, sex hormone production, libido, muscle growth and strength, as well as providing a range of mental health benefits.

The key ingredient here, however, is zinc. As a lack of zinc is found in almost all men suffering from prostate issues, even including prostate cancer. By making sure you have a high level of zinc in your system, the ProstaMend formula protects you from this reality.

ProstaMend – Known Side-Effects?

Prosta Mend uses an all-natural formula, and because of this, there are no harmful side effects linked to the use of the supplement.

The product has undergone intensive clinical and industry trials before being allowed on the market, which deemed it safe for consumption.

On top of this, Prosta Mend is used by thousands all over the world. No side-effects have ever been reported.

How Long Does ProstaMend Take to Work?

As with any all-natural approach, the answer to this question is flexible. As the supplement needs time to properly digest into your system to supply its benefits.

However, for the majority of users, you will notice a difference in your prostate health after six to eight weeks of use. With only a small portion of users reporting results after twelve weeks.

If you do find yourself waiting longer than usual for results, don’t panic. We all have different level of digestive health, and you may be one of the small outliners that need to wait a few extra weeks for results.

ProstaMend – Dosage

Taking Prosta Mend is a quite straight forward affair. Each bottle of the supplement will come with sixty capsules, and is designed to last you one month.

Simply take two capsules, together, with your first big meal of the day. It is always recommended to take the supplement with a meal, as this will help significantly with digestion.

In the event you take Prosta Mend without a meal, you may experience an upset stomach. Whilst this is harmless, it does render much of the supplement’s formula useless.

Where Can I Buy Prosta Mend?

You can buy Prosta Mend from its website. One bottle of the supplement will cost you $69, however steep discounts are offered for bulk purchase.

Since all orders of the Prosta Mend supplement are protected by a 60-day money back guarantee, it is a good idea to first trial the one-month supply first. If you’re happy with the results, then buy in bulk to save money.

Our Final Thoughts

There are very few options out there for men to help improve the health of their prostate, especially when it comes to natural solutions. A frustrating reality that has left many men suffering prostate decline in silence.

So it’s no surprise that Prosta Mend has quickly risen in popularity all over the world. With a powerful all-natural formula, and proven results at its back, all at an affordable price, Prosta Mend is a gold-standard in prostate support.

If you’re looking to remedy your prostate issues, or simply protect yourself from future complications, then look no further than Prosta Mend!