NiacinMax Review – Boost Your Fitness Performance in Seconds!

niacinmax review
Getting the most out of your gym sessions is a complex and frankly tiring process. At some point, we all reach a limit we find difficult to overcome. For many of us, this can come down to age, diet, or simply our personal health going in to the fitness regiment we’re aiming to keep up.

All of these factors can significantly hold us back from getting the most out of the gym. Whether you’re extremely fit, and want to push further, or just getting into fitness and find yourself with lacking energy, there is a way to bring more energy to the table.

NiacinMax is an interesting development in the supplement industry. Taking a step away from the usual capsule formula, NiacinMax is a spray solution that quickly dissolves on your tongue to provide you with incredible energy to keep going.

Yet unlike many fitness supplements, NiacinMax doesn’t turn to powerful stimulants to help you over this hump. Instead, it utilizes a powerful dose of Niacin, an all-natural supplement that pushes the body further.

We wanted to get a better look at NiacinMax, and learn more about this revolutionary supplement solution. Getting into the science behind why it is effective, and see if its growing reputation is justified.

Read on to see our in-depth review of the NiacinMax supplement!

What is NiacinMax?

niacinmaxNiacinMax is a fitness supplement designed to unlock your athletic protentional. Using a unique approach of avoiding stimulants, and instead targeting blood flow throughout the body. It is mainly used by athletes looking to increase their strength, endurance, and overall performance in the gym.

Instead of employing a slow absorption method through the use of capsules, NiacinMax has been designed into a small spray bottle that you spray into your mouth. This spray will dissolve in seconds, and deliver a strong dose of niacin directly into your blood stream.

Niacin, the key component of NiacinMax, is a potent form of Vitamin B3, or Nicotinic Acid. This acid helps the cells within the body process energy, through the ultilization of proteins, fats, and cards.

NiacinMax – Exploring the Core Benefits

It’s easy for any supplement to lay claims down, but it’s important we take a moment to dig deeper into the core benefits that make up the supplement. So that we can grow a better understanding of what the supplement offers.

We’ve researched both what the creators of NiacinMax claim to offer, and contrasted these findings against customer experience and scientific understanding of Niacin. Striving to find the true list of core benefits you can expect from NiacinMax.

These core benefits include:

Increased Red Blood Cell Production

When you undergo intensive physical exercise, your body will create something known as reactive oxygen species, and a range of free radicals that work to destroy your blood cells. This reduces your aerobic performance, and overall health.

On average, athletes who undergo regular exercise have a 42% reduction in the lifespan of their red blood cells.

A diet can assist in restoring these blood cells, but often falls short in meeting with the demand of many people’s fitness regimen. This is where NiacinMax comes in.

Niacin is a powerful natural antioxidant, and provides your body with an additional layer of protection against red blood cell degradation. Furthermore, niacin also increases red blood cell production in the body.

Overall, this helps to increase your aerobic performance, muscle growth cycles, and your general health.

NiacinMax Provides Higher Blood Oxygen Levels

For muscles to work effectively they require a high blood oxygen levels, enabling them to perform at their peak. This is often why many athletes use illegal solutions, such as steroids, to boost their performance. As these substances have a profound effect on blood oxygen levels.

Thankfully, you don’t need to turn to illegal solutions to get the same results. Niacin naturally increases blood oxygen levels, and overall circulation in the body. Providing you with increased endurance and stamina.

NiacinMax Helps to Lower “Bad” Cholesterol and Increase “Good” Cholesterol

Niacin has long been used for people suffering from cholesterol problems, and sits at the core of many cholesterol medications to this very day. Niacin has been shown to cut bad cholesterol in the body by between 5 to 20%.

Furthermore, by cutting bad cholesterol, your body will be free to produce more good cholesterol. Returning a much-needed balance to your cholesterol levels that can help you avoid serious health issues down the line.

Assists in Preventing Heart Diseases

The medical industry has long stated the direct connection between blood oxygen levels, and circulation, with the rate of heart disease. As NiacinMax helps to increase both of these properties within the body, a side benefit is that you’ll be less at risk for these diseases.

Improves Cognitive Functions

Niacin is linked to improve cognitive functions in a quite direct fashion. Niacin produces coenzymes NAD and NADP. This helps to improve your focus, and keep you calm during high intensity activities.

The other side of this coin is what we experience when we lack niacin in our diets. This causes brain fog, and many mental health related issues. So, removing the potential for this deficiency is an incredible net benefit.

The Ingredient of NiacinMax

NiacinMax only comes with one key ingredient, Niacin. This is a form of vitamin B3. Each bottle contains roughly 75mg of niacin, designed for quick absorption into the blood stream.

Let’s explore Niacin a little more closely.

Niacin / Vitamin B3 – Exploring the Ingredient Itself

Niacin, or Vitamin B3, is an essential vitamin that has profound effects all throughout the body. It helps to improve blood flow, blood oxygen levels, cognitive functions, skin health, and even protect you from a range of diseases down the line.

Whilst we have already explored these benefits, it’s important to also outline that as also often suffer from a lack of vitamin B3. This deficiency causes us to feel physically sluggish, mentally drained, and can even be the underlying reason for many mental health issues.

Whilst the core reason for Niacin in this supplement is for fitness reasons, you’ll find yourself benefiting in many different general health areas by taking a niacin supplement, such as NiacinMax.

The Pros and Cons of NiacinMax

Let’s explore the pros and cons of the NiacinMax supplement:


  • Provides exceptional absorption and efficiency for results
  • Helps blood circulate through the whole body, as well as increasing blood oxygen levels
  • Raises energy levels and improves endurance
  • Protects red blood cells from damage
  • Fights bad cholesterol, and improves good cholesterol
  • Prevents heart diseases through heightened blood oxygen levels
  • Improves cognitive functions, and helps to fight mental illness and brain fog


  • The supplement may be considered expensive for some
  • If you already ingest significant amounts of niacin in your diet, the supplement may not provide the results you’re looking for
  • Can only be bought from the NiacinMax retailer directly

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Does NiacinMax Have Any Side-Effects?

No. There are no side-effects that can be caused by NiacinMax. Some users may not enjoy the spray delivery method, but the core ingredient itself, Niacin, poses no threat to users whatsoever.

As with any supplement, it’s never recommended to use this supplement if you are under the age of eighteen, pregnant, or breastfeeding.

NiacinMax – Dosage

There is no one set dosage for NiacinMax, but there are some guidelines to follow. The best practise for the supplement is: Two quick sprays into the mouth roughly 3-5 hours before your workout.

This will deliver roughly 10-15mg of Niacin into your system, and be absorbed significantly by the time you begin working out. Since it takes some time to have it absorbed, it’s often a good idea to use it first thing in the morning.

How Long Does NiacinMax Take to Show Results?

Whilst you may not feel the effects of NiacinMax on your very first try, the effects of the supplement will quickly be noticeable after your second or third use. The absorption of the supplement only takes 3-5 hours.

To see the effects, it has a lot to do with your own personal health. For healthy individuals, you’ll likely see the effects after your first use. Less fit users will see it after the third or fourth.

Where Can I Buy NiacinMax?

You can buy NiacinMax from their website. One bottle of the supplement will cost you $39.99, however free bottles are offered for more bulk purchases.

All orders come with free shipping, and a 67-day money back guarantee. What’s not to love about that?

Our Final Verdict

There is no shortage of black sheep products in the fitness industry. This led us to approach NiacinMax with a healthy dose of scepticism. However, after looking deeper into the supplement, we can easily see why it is growing such a gold-standard reputation.

If you’re looking to enhance yourself walking into the gym, and wish to avoid any nasty stimulant solutions, then NiacinMax is a proven and effective all-natural method of giving yourself that leg up you’ve been looking for!

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