There is often an overlooked area of our health that goes under the radar of the medical industry, and that is the health of our ears. Ear damage effects a surprising number of people all over the world, and for them, the damage to their ears can significantly limit their quality of life.

Whilst there are medical solutions out there for the health of your ears, they are often expensive, and come with either permanent equipment you need to keep attached, or dangerous surgeries you need to partake in.

This can turn a lot of people off from attending to their ear damage. Leading people to live with permanent ear damage for the rest of their lives.

Yet what if there was another way? A revolutionary supplement has been rising in popularity over the past few years, known as Neuro Calm Pro. An all-natural dietary supplement that helps to mend your ears, and provide that crisp hearing experience once again.

As with any supplement that is gaining traction in the market, we knew we had to get a closer look. We went out and picked up Neuro Calm Pro, with the intention of learning what it is, what’s inside it, what benefits it provides, and the science behind how it provides those benefits.

Read on to see our in-depth review of the Neuro Calm Pro supplement!

What Is Neuro Calm Pro?

Neuro Calm Pro is an all-natural dietary supplement, designed to offer an affordable and risk-free solution to improving your hearing health. The supplement uses a range of natural ingredients that have been clinically proven to improve the health of your ear.

The supplement itself has designed by Gerard Watson, a long-time researcher into hearing health. He saw that many of the commercial solutions for hearing health were falling short of helping people improve their ear health.

So, he set out to create a formula that not only improved your ear health, but addressed many of the underlying causes that cause your ear health to decline in the first place. What he created, after years of development, was Neuro Calm Pro.

The supplement is an FDA approved, clinically proven method of mending your ear health. It comes with an incredibly high standard of quality, and the ingredients inside the supplement are only sourced from the highest quality options available.

Who Should Use Neuro Calm Pro?

Neuro Calm Pro is designed for people suffering from hearing loss, and those that have minor symptoms of tinnitus.

If you are currently using a hearing medication, or hearing aid, Neuro Calm Pro is not a replacement for these medical solutions. Instead, the supplement is designed to be a foundational support.

How Does Neuro Calm Pro Work?

Neuro Calm Pro targets your brain, which may seem like a strange place to start for a hearing aid supplement. However, the brain, and the nerve connections in your brain, play a significant role in how you hear.

The supplement works to correct, repair, and rebuild the neural connections in your brain. Helping to enhance your hearing once more, and remove the symptoms of early-tinnitus.

It primarily targets your sensory receptors belonging to the auditory system in your brain. These cells work to detect and convert sounds into electrical impulses that you can understand.

When you suffer from hearing loss, or tinnitus, these cells are giving off incorrect signals to the brain. This is the source of that ever-annoying ringing in your ears. By targeting these cells, Neuro Calm Pro provides a long-term solution to your tinnitus and hearing loss issues.

The Ingredients Inside Neuro Calm Pro

As with any supplement, it is vital that we take a moment to look deeper into the ingredients that make up its formula. As the effectiveness of the supplement is completely defined by the ingredients inside.

There are a range of active ingredients inside Neuro Calm Pro, these include:

Fenugreek Extract (219mg)

Fenugreek Extract has a long standing in medicine, and has been used for thousands of years. Clinical tests into the ingredient have revealed that it provides a range of cognitive improvements, specifically with the cell health in your brain.

This helps to repair your nerve endings, and improve neural communication in the brain. Assisting in removing your tinnitus symptoms in the process.

Fennel Seeds (162mg)

Fennel Seeds are rich in a range of important nutrients, such as vitamin C, manganese, magnesium, calcium just to name a few. It provides a range of digestive health benefits, skin health improvements, and nerve repair properties to the body.

It also helps to fight off inflammation, which is a huge underlying cause of hearing loss and tinnitus.

L-Tyrosine (135mg)

L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that assists directly in the production of new neurotransmitters, such as epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine. All of these play a large role in the overall connectivity health of your brain, especially in the auditory complex of your brain.

The amino acid also helps to treat depression, anxiety, and stress. Whilst not directly related to hearing health, it’s a nice side benefit.

Mexican Wild Yam (96mg)

Mexican Wild Yam is known for its effects over hormone balance, such as testosterone or estrogen levels. However, recent studies have linked this ingredient to a range of neural improvements as well. Including, but not limited to, helping to reconnect neurotransmitters, and repairing nerves in the brain.

Pacific Kelp (90mg)

Pacific Kelp is rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Helping to remove free radicals from the body, and cure oxidative stress. This can often be an underlying cause of continued ringing in your ears.

Dong Quai (48mg)

Dong Quai provides a range of health benefits, such as working to help treat PMS, blood pressure, chronic pain, and constipation among others. However, in the context of Neuro Calm Pro, it helps to improve the blood flow to your brain. Which in turn helps your nerve health, and improve the capabilities of your auditory complex.

Black Cohosh Extract (45mg)

Black Cohosh Extract is another ingredient that provides a range of health benefits, which include helping to treat PMS, brittle bones, and other chronic pain conditions. However, for hearing, it directly provides more blood flow to the brain, as well as improving circulation to the brain as well.

Oat Grass (42mg)

Oat Grass is a strange ingredient to find within Neuro Calm Pro. It provides incredible anti-inflammatory properties, as well as working to remove stress and anxiety from our bodies. Recent studies have linked Oat Grass to improving our cognitive function as well.

Hops Extract (30mg)

Hops Extract is a foundational ingredient inside the Neuro Calm Pro supplement. It helps with the digestion of other ingredients, which makes sense when you’re ingesting a supplement with so many natural compounds.

On top of this, Hops Extract helps improve the quality of your sleep. This may seem like an unrelated addition; however, sleep plays a large role in how your brain repairs nerves. So, improving your sleep is directly providing a benefit to your nerve health.

Does Neuro Calm Pro Have Any Side-Effects?

Absolutely not. There are no ill-effects linked to the use of Neuro Calm Pro. This is due to the all-natural formula that the supplement uses. There have never been any side-effects reported from the use of the supplement.

Do not take Neuro Calm Pro if you are under the age of eighteen, pregnant, or breastfeeding. A guideline that all supplements follow, and is not specific to Neuro Calm Pro.

How Long Does Neuro Calm Pro Take to Show Results?

The answer to this question will hinder on your personal health. As the supplement relies on your ability to digest the natural compounds inside the supplement for maximum effect. However, there is a median we can trust for its effects.

The majority of users will see improvements after the first two months of use, with only a small amount of people seeing results between twelve to sixteen weeks.

How Do I Take Neuro Calm Pro?

Taking Neuro Calm Pro is simple. Take two capsules per day, with a meal and water. It is always recommended to take the supplement with a meal, as this helps to improve your digestion of the supplement itself.

Do not take more of the supplement in hopes that it will provide more results. This is not how it works, and will provide the same benefits no matter how many extra capsules you take.

Where Can I Buy Neuro Calm Pro?

You can buy Neuro Calm Pro from its website. One month’s supple of the supplement will cost you $69. However, steep discounts will be offered for bulk purchase. With the largest package, the six-month package, offering you a $49 price tag per bottle.

All orders are protected by a 60-day money back guarantee, and provide you with free shipping.

Our Final Verdict on Neuro Calm Pro

It is rare that we find such an impressive hearing aid supplement such as Neuro Calm Pro. There are few supplements on the market today that stand up to its quality, benefits, and price point.

If you’re looking to improve your ear health, and do away with tinnitus, then you can’t go wrong with Neuro Calm Pro!