Our oral health plays a vital role in our quality of life. For anybody that has experienced a decline in their oral health, they will know all too well the horrors that await those with bad tooth pain, or gum disease.

For many people, it can often feel like fighting a losing battle. As once your oral health is in decline, you are faced with the harsh reality of expensive dentist appointments to remedy the situation.

Yet, what if there was another way? A way to improve your oral health, without needing to turn to expensive dentistry practises? The revolutionary new G-Force supplement has been providing thousands all over the world with exactly this kind of result.

Since coming onto the market only a few years ago, G-Force has become one of the most popular oral health supplements in the world.

As with any supplement rising in popularity, we knew we had to get a closer look. So, we picked up G-Force, with the intention of learning what it is, what’s inside it, how it works, and the science behind how its formula provides the promised benefits.

Read on to see our in-depth review of the G-Force supplement!

What Is G-Force?

G Force is an all-natural dietary supplement, designed to help improve, repair, and protect your oral health. The supplement is designed to take a broad stroke approach to improving your oral health, and provide complete support.

The supplement is designed around an all-natural formula of ingredients, all with proven medical results for oral health. The supplement itself has been created with a team of nutritional experts, and dental professionals.

Since coming onto the market, G Force has been a steady incline to success. Now managing to stand as one of the most popular oral support supplements of its kind. An impressive feat, in a highly competitive supplement niche.

How Does G-Force Work?

G Force itself does not take a unique approach to providing its benefits. Instead, it relies heavily on the proven medical results that the ingredients inside have been shown to provide.

The formula itself begins by absorbing into your system. This process can often take many weeks, as our bodies can be slow to adopt to new natural ingredients. Once the formula is fully absorbed into your system, the benefits begin to present themselves.

Whilst this approach is a more traditional approach, it shows the confidence of the G Force team has in their supplement’s formula.

Is G-Force A Replacement for The Dentist?

Absolutely not.

G Force is not designed to be a complete replacement for the dentist. If you have significant issues with your teeth, such as cavities, or severe gum disease, then it’s important you reach out to a dentist as soon as possible.

The G Force supplement is designed as a foundational support for your oral health. Helping to protect you from future trips to the dentists, as well as providing nutritional support for your saliva. Allowing it to protect your oral health in a natural fashion.

What Is Inside G-Force?

When it comes to any supplement on the market today, it’s important that we take a step back and look more closely at the ingredients inside. As these ingredients define just how effective the supplement truly is.

There are a wide range of active ingredients inside G-Force, these include:


Chicory has a wide range of natural remedy applications, and is found in supplements of all shapes and sizes. This is due to the flexible nature of the ingredient, and its incredible results.

Within the context of G Force, it helps to combat inflammation in the gums. As well as work as a natural pain reliever, providing much needed support for those suffering from tooth related pain.

It has also been linked with a significant number of cancer-preventative properties, especially for prostate, kidney, and blood cancer.

Dandelion Root

Dandelion root is often found within wight loss supplements, due to its effects on your resting metabolic rate. However, it also helps to balance cholesterol and blood sugar levels in the body as well.

This natural ingredient is incredibly rich in folic acid, inulin, and Vitamins A, C, E, B, and K, all which help to balance and improve the quality of your saliva. An important underlying defence system that your body uses to keep your mouth clean.

Chicory Root

The chicory root, which is unlike chicory itself, helps to provide the body with a dense source of inulin. This core building block of the body helps to improve the quality of your saliva, and strip it of acidic properties.

Chicory root has also been linked to better blood flow, stroke prevention, and improved heart health as well.


Zinc is not a surprising ingredient to find within the G Force formula. It is well-known for helping to improve the health of your teeth, as well as restoring enamel, and improving the acidic nature of your saliva.

Furthermore, zinc provides a wide range of general health benefits. Such as helping to stop hair loss, improve muscle strength, and supplying the body with a powerful source of natural energy.

Trace Ingredients

G Force also uses a wide range of trace ingredients, all tailored around improving your oral health. Specifically, many of these ingredients help to provide vital minerals and vitamins that work to improve the quality of your saliva, as well as protect your gums against disease.

These ingredients include:

  • Red Raspberry Fruit
  • Ginger Root
  • Turmeric Root
  • Jujube Seed
  • Beetroot
  • Artichoke
  • Chancapiedra whole plant
  • Alfalfa
  • Yellow Dock Root
  • Burdock Root
  • N-Acetyl Cysteine

Does G-Force Have Any Risk of Side Effects?

No. Not at all.

This supplement is completely risk free, and for good reason. The formula behind G-Force is completely natural, and all of the ingredients inside have a long history of safety when it comes to human consumption.

There are also a range of industry, and medical tests that have been performed on the supplement. As well as the supplement being sold to thousands all over the world. Neither of these instances have ever had any side effects reported.

How Long Until I See Results?

The answer to this question is slightly flexible. The reason for this is tied closely to how a natural supplement delivers its results. The formula behind this supplement needs time to properly digest into your system.

So, depending on your personal digestive health, your experience with G Force may differ slightly. However, that doesn’t mean we can expect a median timeline of results.

For the majority of users, you’ll begin to see a noticeable difference in your oral health after four weeks of use. With more impactful benefits taking root after twelve weeks of consistent use.

G-Force – Dosage

Taking G-Force is a daily routine that isn’t too difficult to keep up with.

Each bottle of the supplement comes with sixty capsules, and is designed to last you one month.

For optimal results, take two capsules per day with a meal and water. It is recommended you take the supplement early in the day; allowing the supplement as much time as possible to digest into your system before you sleep.

Always take the supplement with a meal, as this will significantly help with digestion.

Important: Do not take more of the supplement in hopes of getting better, or faster results. This won’t work. Stick to the recommended dosage!

Where Can I Buy G-Force?

You can buy G-Force from its official website.

There are multiple packages to choose from when it comes to picking up this supplement. Each package, depending on the quantity, comes with a discount. Providing valuable savings for those looking to use the supplement long term.

Let’s break down the pricing structure down below:

One month’s supply will cost you $69

Three months’ supply will cost you $59 per bottle

Six months’ supply will cost you $49 per bottle

Since all orders of the supplement come with a 60-day money back guarantee, it’s a good idea to first trial the supplement with a one-month package. If you’re happy with the results, buy in bulk to save yourself some money.

Our Final Verdict

It’s not often we come across a supplement such as G Force, that strives to help improve oral health. As well as provide a foundation of support for oral health, and a pathway for people to improve the health of their teeth.

It’s for this reason that we wanted to take a close look into G Force itself, and make sure the supplement truly provided the benefits it promises. Thankfully, after looking into G Force, we can clearly see why it has become as popular as it has.

G Force provides real, lasting support for those looking to improve their oral health, and protect themselves from future oral health decline.

If you’re looking to take back control of your oral health, look no further than G Force!