Weight loss is something that more and more people around the world are struggling with every day. It effects more than half of adults all over the world, and is without a doubt the greatest health crisis of our generation.

Yet, with a problem so massive, there has been a conservative approach to weight loss that has left many people struggling to keep up. The fitness industry has been unable to develop more intelligent solutions to weight loss, and the medical industry is only able to provide risky, and expensive, surgery options to combat excessive weight.

It’s for this reason that a new player has stepped into the arena of weight loss, the supplement industry. A revolutionary new product has been rising in popularity over the past few years, known as BioMelt Pro, a supplement that helps people shed weight more quickly.

As with any supplement that is rising in popularity, we knew we had to get a closer look. So, we picked up BioMelt Pro, with the intension of learning what it is, what’s inside it, what benefits it provides, and the science behind how it provides those benefits.

Read on to see our in-depth review of the BioMelt Pro supplement!

What Is BioMelt Pro?

BioMelt Pro is an all-natural dietary supplement, designed to help you lose weight, as well as provide you with a wide range of health benefits in the process. It is created on the foundation of a proprietary blend.

The supplement has designed itself around a more traditional approach to weight loss, and focused in on the issues that effect all of us with excessive weight. It then manages to provide a range of health benefits to make our weight loss journey more comfortable.

Since coming onto the market only a few years ago, BioMelt Pro has seen a steady incline in popularity. It now sits as one of the most popular weight loss supplements of its kind, and continues to receive praise from the industry as a whole.

How Does BioMelt Pro Work?

BioMelt Pro is designed around a simple pair of principles, which work together to provide the benefits that the supplement is designed for.

Firstly, and quite obviously, the supplement is designed to help boost your metabolism. This will help your body to process more calories throughout the day, and increase your daily requirements of calories to maintain weight. If you keep the same diet, this will begin the weight loss process all alone.

Coupled with this first point is the supplement’s effects on appetite. Many ingredients inside BioMelt Pro help to suppress your appetite, by supplying you with dense natural fibre sources.

Secondly, the supplement is designed to target hormone and nutritional imbalances in the body. Each of these presents themselves in a slightly different fashion.

Hormone imbalance in those overweight is most commonly insulin resistance, which caused the body to hold onto more weight than normal. Whilst nutritional imbalance causes more harmful toxins to build up in your liver, slowing down how quickly your body can process new food you ingest.

What Is Inside BioMelt Pro?

It’s important we take a moment to step back, and look more closely at the ingredients that make up the BioMelt Pro formula. As the ingredients inside will define just how effective the supplement truly is.

There are a wide range of active ingredients in the supplement, let’s take a look at the most important ones below:

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

MSM is a naturally occurring sulphur compound that is commonly found within our diets; however, we rarely get enough of it. It provides a wide range of healing properties, including helping to ease arthritis symptoms, poor bones and joint health, and any muscle-related issues.

However, more importantly, it works to break down insulin resistance in our digestive system. Allowing us to process calories significantly more efficiently.

Hydrolyzed Collagen Type 1 & 3 (Bovine)

Collagen is a vital protein that our bodies need to operate at full capacity. It helps to in supporting our bones, joints, and muscle health. Yet, much like MSM, it also works to break down insulin resistance.

Recent studies into Collagen also show that it provides a noticeable boost to our metabolism as well. Working to burn fat, even when we’re asleep!


L-Methionine is a sulphur-rich amino acid housed within proteins. It helps to breakdown fats in our system, and remove toxins from the body. A study conducted in 2018 also concluded that is has a profound effect on high sugar and fat diets, providing the body with the building blocks it needs to more readily convert these foods into energy, without pushing any of these calories into fat reserves.

Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is an herbal extract, and has been used in traditional medicine for generations. It helps to provide improved mental clarity, skin health, and scar- and wound-healing.

Furthermore, Gotu Kola has been linked with higher metabolism, as well as working to stimulate the liver to process toxins out of our system more effectively.

Grape Seed Extract

Grape Seed Extract is the least surprising ingredient to find within the BioMelt Pro formula. It helps to improve our skin health, digestive health, and boost our metabolic rate. All of this help to support more healthy weight loss in the body.

Coupled with this, recent medical studies have linked grape seed extract to helping to improve many of the underlying issues that obesity causes. Helping you to return to a healthy and balanced state once you’ve lost the weight.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)

Alpha Lipoic Acid is an organic compound that acts as a powerful antioxidant, working to repair a wide range of oxidative damage in the body. It also works to treat type 2 diabetes, among other diseases.

Medical studies have been conducted into the effects of Alpha Lipoic Acid recently, reflecting that this amino acid also helps our bodies to break down calories more effectively, as well as provide a notable boost to our resting metabolic rate.

Lastly, this amino acid has been shown to suppress appetite. Helping you to curb snacking, and feel more energetic and fuller throughout the day.

Does BioMelt Pro Have Any Side Effects?

No. There are no side effects from taking BioMelt Pro.

This is because the BioMelt Pro formula is completely natural, and all of the ingredients and compounds inside pose no risk to humans. There is significant medical research behind each and every ingredient inside BioMelt Pro, so its safety isn’t up for debate.

The supplement has also undergone industry and medical testing before being allowed to be sold as a consumer product. As well as, now, being sold to thousands all over the world. In neither of these instances have side effects ever been found.

How Long Until I Begin Losing Weight?

The answer to this question will be different for everybody. This is because of how BioMelt Pro works, relying on an all-natural formula. Natural formulas need time to properly digest into your system.

So, depending on your personal digestive health, your experience with BioMelt Pro will be different than others.However, with this said, that doesn’t mean we can’t make a close estimate to when you’ll begin to see results.

The vast majority of users reported weight loss after the first six weeks of consistent use, with more long-lasting results taking root after twelve weeks of consistent use.

How Do I Take BioMelt Pro?

Taking BioMelt Pro is a simple, and straight forward process.

Each bottle of the BioMelt Pro supplement comes with sixty capsules, and is designed to last you one month.

For optimal results, take two capsules per day, together, with a meal and water. Whilst the exact time you take the supplement isn’t overly important, taking it with a meal is highly recommended. As this helps with the digestive process.

Where Can I Buy BioMelt Pro?

You can buy BioMelt Pro from its official website.

The creators behind BioMelt Pro offer a range of discount packages for those looking to buy more in bulk. The pricing structure of the supplement breaks down as such:

1 BioMelt Pro bottle: $69 each
3 BioMelt Pro bottles: $59 each
6 BioMelt Pro bottles: $49 each

Since all orders are protected by a 60-day money back guarantee, it’s a good idea to first trial the one-month supply of BioMelt Pro. If you’re happy with the results, buy in bulk to save yourself some money.

Our Final Verdict

There is no shortage of weight loss supplements on the market today, and because of that, it takes something truly special to stand out from the crowd. It’s for this reason that we wanted to look deep into BioMelt Pro before coming to a conclusion.

After our research, it’s clear to us why BioMelt Pro has managed to become one of the most popular supplements of its kind. It promotes incredible results, at an affordable price, and avoids any risks inside its formula.

If you’re looking to take a more proactive approach to weight loss, and want to see results every month, then look no further than BioMelt Pro!